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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2020

        Industry News

        Gold Service Scholarship

        2020 announces semi finalists

        The Trustees and Judges of the annual Gold Service Scholarship have completed the
        first round of assessments in their search to discover the 2020 Scholar, who will be
        announced on 12 February 2020.
          Entrants from the hospitality industry (aged 22-28) applied to the Scholarship, and 92
        candidates proceeded to the Quarter Final stage, which was held over two days in London -
        on 26 October at The Langham Hotel and 28 October at Hotel Café Royal.
          After a series of interviews and practical tests for both service skills and food and
        drink knowledge, the semi finalists have been named, with backgrounds as diverse as the
        Royal Household, multi Michelin-starred restaurants, a top tier catering provider, small    PATRON: HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN
        independent restaurants and hotels, the Royal Air Force, five star hotels across the UK,
        and a Premier League football club.
          Click here for a full list of the semi finalists.

          Youtubers milk vegan trend

          Plant-based gum company, Chewsy Gum,
          has released figures on the vegan Youtubers
          who are earning the most from selling
          products and ads.
             The highest paid vegan Youtuber is the
          Canadian Richard Burgess, known as Vegan
          Gains, who makes an estimated £20,195
          monthly from ads and selling merch. In
          second place is Brit Gaz Oakley, also known
          as avantgardevegan, earning around £20,082
          monthly from ads and merch. By selling merch,
          both of these canny vegans earn six times as
          much as they would get from ads alone.
             How long this rich source of income
          will continue to give is anyone’s guess as,
          according to other Chewsy Gum research,
          69% of us do not trust the advice given by
          vegan Youtubers because ‘they don’t have any
          qualification in nutrition’ (59%) and ‘Youtubers
          are money hungry’ (41%).

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