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Coffee Excellence

Coffee Excellence
Page 17

In 2014, the total UK coffee shop market was estimated at £7.2 billion turnover, according to Allegra Strategies Project Café 15 report. The market is still growing, yet, in spite of the fact that we have gone coffee crazy in recent years, operators are missing a trick, says Brita Professional. With a cup of coffee comprising 98% water, it should make sense to expend as much energy ensuring the drink is made with the ideal water as is given not only to training baristas but also investing in optimum equipment and – of course – the coffee itself.

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Moving Into Autumn

Moving Into Autumn
Page 19

The past decade has seen a divergence of opinions when it comes to buying food. At one extreme, the public is searching for the cheapest products with no second thoughts about quality, while at the other end, consumers increasingly want to know all about their food: country of origin, health impacts, sustainability and welfare standards, for example. Jack Knott, from Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat Campaign, discusses how this has impacted on the popularity of game.

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Page 27

While consumers are visiting the on trade less frequently than they used to, when they do go out they are willing to spend more in order to get the most out of their experience, according to William Grant & Sons’ 2015 Market Report, which gives an in-depth look into consumer behaviour and trends in the drinks industry. The Report also identifies that, of the more than 124,000 outlets in the on trade, 23.1% stock a cocktail and the cocktail category makes up 5% of total spirit sales.

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Managing Utility Bills

Managing Utility Bills
Page 35

Operators in the catering industry have admitted they are baffled by the terminology on their utility bills. Moreover, with the general belief that energy prices are set to rise in the next year, failing to get a handle on utility bills can have a big impact on businesses’ bottom lines. Andrew Richardson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Utilitywise urges operators not to stick their head in the sand as there are substantial savings to be made.

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Heart transplant chef scales heights

Jul 2015 • A chef who was given just 48 hours to live before receiving a heart transplant is on top of the world after climbing one of the highest volcanoes in Ecuador. Read more >

Heart transplant chef scales heights

BHA not pleased with announcement of new National Minimum Wage

Jul 2015 • George Osborne announced in the Summer Budget last Wednesday that a compulsory ‘new National Living Wage’ of £7.20 an hour will be introduced for over 25s in April 2016. Read more >

BHA not pleased with announcement of new National Minimum Wage

Meantime’s Alastair Hook named UK Brewer of the Year

Jul 2015 • Meantime Brewing Company’s founder and Master Brewer Alastair Hook has been named ‘Brewer of the Year’ by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group. Read more >

Meantime’s Alastair Hook named UK Brewer of the Year
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