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Essentially Catering Magazine - October 2019

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                                                              Brits may go

                                                              cold turkey this


                                                              Brits could be in a flap this Christmas with a potential
                                                              shortage of turkeys and increased prices predicted,
                                                              according to purchasing company, Beacon.
                                                                Recent insight reveals that the UK could face a turkey
                                                              shortage this Christmas as a heatwave in France this
                                                              summer resulted in dwindling supplies of eggs for farmers.
                                                              France provides around a quarter of turkey eggs hatched in
        Hospitality’s                                         the UK. Supply is around 10% down on expected levels after
                                                              temperatures topped 40ºC in France and the impact of July
        productivity                                          and August’s hot weather in Europe, together with a lack of
                                                              South American product in the market, is impacting on fresh
                                                              turkey availability.
                                                                The egg shortages come as turkey farmers also face
        rising, but more                                      potential cost rises from a shortage of labour partly caused
                                                              by uncertainty over Brexit, which has deterred workers from
        support needed                                        coming to the UK. There is little doubt that this will be
                                                              an extremely tough
                                                              Christmas on turkey
                                                                                       10 million turkeys are
                                                              as capacity in          eaten in the UK each
        Hospitality is more productive than widely thought,   the market will be
        the latest Future Shock report from CGA and           very limited keeping   year, with at least 76%
        UKHospitality reveals, but business leaders see plenty   prices higher year    of people in Britain
        of room for improvement.                              on year, predicts     expected to tuck into the
          The fifth edition of the twice-yearly report highlights   Beacon.        festive favourite for their
        data showing that hospitality’s revenues have risen faster
        than employment levels in recent years, which is a reliable                    Christmas dinner
        indicator of increasing productivity. Gross Value Added per
        hour worked has recorded a compound annual growth rate
        of nearly 3% since 2009, nearly 50% faster than the UK
        economy as a whole, and better than major sectors including
        business services, agriculture and energy.
          But a survey of business leaders by CGA reveals
        significant scope for improvement in productivity levels.
        Only a quarter (28%) of leaders believe hospitality performs
        better on productivity than other UK industries, with the
        remainder thinking it performs worse (44%) or the
        same (28%).
          The Future Shock report sets out ideas to improve
        productivity, including smarter procurement, better menu
        engineering, reducing utility costs and cutting levels of food
        and drink waste. Much of the improvement can be made with
        the help of technology, which more than nine in 10 business
        leaders think is either fundamental (54%) or important
        (38%) in improving employee productivity.

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