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Essentially Catering Magazine - October 2019

        Industry News

        Flaming Cow, they did well

                                  Brewhouse & Kitchen - an
                                  independent pub chain making an
                                  impressive mark on the craft beer
                                  industry - has announced that it
                                  has won a World Beer Award.
                                    ‘Flaming Cow’ - the award-winning
                                  stout that triumphed in the ‘UK
                                  Flavoured Stout/Porter’ category
                                  - was brewed on the Southsea site
                                  in Hampshire. “It is a milk stout
                                  consisting of chocolatey notes
                                  and a hint of chilli with an ABV of
                                  5%,” explains Oli Kutylowski, head
                                  brewer. “Our intention was to create
                                  a stout that has the perfect balance
                                  of sweetness and spice.” Looks as
                                  though they succeeded.

                             Ways to increase sales

                                       in Food Service

                              #1 Select The Right Range  #2 Site in High Tra„c Flow  #3 Keep Fully Stocked
                               Limit your range to best sellers.   Best sites are: next to the till, in the   Ensure confectionery is always available
                               Use snacking moments to help   chillers and next to the hot drinks   Multi-face the best selling lines to support
                                 decide optimum range    machine        shelf capacity and display impact

           3 TIER                BAMBINO                 COUNTER            WOODEN          New
           CHOCO                 COUNTER TOP UNIT        TOP POUCH          BAMBINO
                                 5 TIER
           POD                    DIMENSIONS             UNIT               COUNTER TOP UNIT
           COUNTER TOP UNIT      Height 74.5cm,          EQ11038             DIMENSIONS
           EQ1011949             Width 19cm,              DIMENSIONS        Height 67cm, Width 60cm, Depth 23cm
            DIMENSIONS           Depth 36.7cm            Height 74.3cm,     SALES BENEFIT FROM SITING
           Height 46cm,          SALES UPLIFT            Width 26.2cm,      THIS NEW EQUIPMENT =  28%
           Width 17cm,           UP TO  15% **           Depth 26.7cm
           Depth 22cm                                                       DAIRY DECK
           SALES UPLIFT
           UP TO  11.6% *                                                    IDEAL FOR A CHILLER / SANDWICH CABINET
                                           CHILLED                          Height 11cm, Width 35cm,
                                                                            Depth 31cm
           MPU                             PUSH FEED                        SALES
           COUNTER TOP UNIT                                                 UP TO
           FD080091                        IDEAL FOR A CHILLER /            10% **
            DIMENSIONS                     SANDWICH CABINET
           Height (excludes peg rail)       DIMENSIONS
           56cm max,
           Width 17-20cm,                  Height 6cm, Width 14cm,
           Depth 23cm                      Depth 36cm
           SALES UPLIFT                    (for each product unit)  MARS FREE ON LOAN EQUIPMENT IS FOR THE DISPLAY OF MARS
           UP TO  17% †                    SALES UPLIFT
                                           UP TO  25.5% ***  CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS. PLEASE EMAIL
                                                            & INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT NAME, CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER, BUSINESS NAME,
                                                            FULL POSTAL ADDRESS & THE CODE & DESCRIPTION OF THE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED
                                                          FOR WRIGLEY EQUIPMENT PLEASE CONTACT THE EQUIPMENT
                                                           HOTLINE ON or 01788 545573
                                                                 *RMS Instore 2007. **Site trials 2010. ***J Sainsbury’s – 7 facings 2010. †FCRS 2006. ®/TM/DESIGN/MARS © MARS 2019.
                                  Email: •     7
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