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Essentially Catering Magazine - August 2019

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                             CRISPS FOR           PEOPLE

                  Food Service
                    Exclusive      agreed we’ve
                                     the best or
                                    better Cheese
                                      & Onion*

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          *Source: 2,660 Craft Club Members, August 2018
                            A CASE

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                                                 340863                                         340885

                                      PREMIUM SNACKING WITH A CRISP PROFIT

          Free-from world                                         Lecturers who enter

          food theme for                                         three or more students
                                                                     into this year’s
                                                                 challenge will receive a
          student challenge                                        foodie gift hamper

          Students wishing to enter the fourth annual Uncle Ben’s Professional &
          Dolmio Professional Foodservice Student Catering Challenge need to come
          up with two free-from world-inspired dishes.
            “The first dish can be a starter or dessert, and the second dish, a main course,”
          explains Alison Smith, Global Product Developer, Mars Food “Students can be as
          inventive as they wish with their dishes so long as they are suitable for at least
          one free-from diet and take inspiration from at least one cuisine.”
            Deadline for entries is 06.12.19.
          For further information email

                                  Email: •     7
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