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Essentially Catering Magazine - July 2019

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        Inspiring young talent

        to choose hospitality

, the UK’s largest hospitality jobs board, recently published research revealing the hospitality industry is
        set for a skills crisis as young people are discouraged from entering the industry following the removal of food subjects
        from the national curriculum.
          According to the research:
        ●  97% of young people in the UK are writing off hospitality as a career option
        ●  30% of students across the country have no access to any food-related subject offering at school
        ●  89% of secondary school students say their school has given them no information about a career in hospitality
        ●   45% of parents of school-aged children say a limited food subject offering at schools is impacting their child’s aspirations
           to enter the industry.
        Responding to its own research, has the following suggestions as to how to improve the situation:
        1.  Change the perception, be the inspiration
        The research shows that anti-social hours, poor career prospects and the notion of a stressful working environment make
        18-24 year olds think twice about joining the industry.
        Employers can inspire and engage entry-level talent by showcasing the exciting opportunities on offer, so that potential
        candidates can see how diverse and vibrant hospitality can be.
        2.  Partner with local schools and colleges
        Schools and colleges are great places to meet entry-level talent
        and share information and industry insights. Bear in mind
        that it is not just young people who are your targets - careers
        advisors and educators may also not be aware of the diversity
        of employment opportunities within the hospitality sector.
        3.  Information is key
        Seek out opportunities to meet young people through
        offering skills events, open days, workshops and cooking
        demonstrations in schools. Share information on entry-level
        talent roles, apprenticeships and work experience
        4.  Promote the range of career opportunities
        Employers who ensure their career sites are engaging and
        reflective of the personality of their business are more likely to
        convert interest into applications.
        5.  Offer relevant, engaging on-the-job work experience
        Whatever your company culture, focus on hiring for personality and then provide relevant, engaging and on-the-job training
        and development. This will give you a wider choice of candidate and have a positive impact on your retention.
        6.  Meet the parents
        As key influencers, parents’ opinions of the industry can have the biggest impact on a young person’s decision to enter
        hospitality. Showing parents the opportunities and career paths on offer can make a real difference. Cooking demonstrations,
        taster events, parent & child skills events and competitions are all positive ways to engage and influence parents into
        supporting a young person’s hospitality career choice.
        7.  Why now
        Actively reaching out to young people in schools and colleges highlights your commitment to them and their potential career
        with you. Nurturing a pipeline of young talent and engaging with school children before they decide against a career in
        hospitality can play a vital role in resolving any future recruitment or skills gaps within your business. With ongoing labour
        shortages, now is the time for every employer to take direct and positive action to enable young people to enter the sector.
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