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Essen ially Catering Magazine - June 2019

        Industry News

        In‚la ion easing,

        but prices s ill rising

        In‚la ion in the foodservice sector dropped in March from the record high of 9.8% in February, but while increases are
        less steep than in 2018, prices are con inuing to rise, according to the latest edi ion of the Foodservice Price Index
        from CGA and Pres ige Purchasing. In addi ion, market instability and Brexit uncertainty will combine to keep prices
        increasing in the months ahead.

        Fish con…inues to be the most vola…ile category in terms   The Breads & Cereals
        of price movements. Prices here are well above the   category of the Index has also
        levels seen this …ime last year, and rose by 10% month   risen, and while there is a
        on month. Salmon prices peaked in the run-up to Easter,   seasonal trend for price increases
        but with good weather this Spring and reduced demand,   at this …ime of year, poor weather
        along with likely increases in cod and haddock landings,   in the US is further „irming global
        we can expect to see some easing in this category.  prices. Signi„icant winter storms
                                                          and „looding from snowmelt has
                                                          resulted in substan…ial losses
                                                          of corn, wheat, and barley, and
                                                          there is the prospect of signi„icant
                                                          delays to Spring plan…ings. This means the US may look more to
                                                          imports, strengthening the grains market as a result.
                                                            The largest de„la…ionary movement in March was seen in
                                                          the Fruit category, where prices fell back substan…ially. Spanish
                                                          citrus recently su„fered from „looding, resul…ing in a climb in
                                                          the Index since December. With buyers now favouring cheaper
                                                          imported produce from Egypt, Turkey and South Africa, prices
                                                          are beginning to ease.

          GB’s wines

          looking good

          In his new book, The Wines of Great Britain, English wine expert
          Stephen Skelton MW conducts a comprehensive study of the English
          and Welsh wine industries. Although much was done in the 20th century
          towards the crea ion of a wine industry, the current wine-growing phase
          dates back just 15-20 years and many contemporary producers are not
          much older than this.
             “The good news is that despite their rela…ive lack of experience, these
          businesses are already crea…ing wines that can hold their own on the
          world stage,” says Skelton. “Some of the sparkling wines have even seen
          o„f compe…i…ion from Champagne to win major wine awards. Several GB
          producers now make drinks that feature in the premium wine market and
          two Champagne houses have set up o„fshoots in Great Britain.
             “There are many reasons to think Britain’s wines could get be…ter in the   The Wines of Great Britain, published by
          future. The next few decades will be interes…ing ones to watch.”     In inite Ideas. ISBN: 9781905940691 £30.
                                                                               Also available as an eBook

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