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Essentially Catering Magazine - May 2019

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        Light-fingered                                           Action

        Brits out                                                needed to

        of home                                                  sustain

        New research has revealed that 17 million Brits have     London’s
        stolen tableware - glasses, cups, napkins, cutlery,
        condiments - in our homes.                               food scene
          Catering equipment supplier Nisbets uncovered the
        results following a survey that asked respondents about
        their attitudes towards stealing such items from bars and   London must uphold its international culinary
        restaurants. Other results include:                      reputation by reforming chef education and
                                                                 training and improving working conditions, a new
         3 million                  One in                       report from think tank Centre for London has
                                                                 found. The report calls for a new London College
         admitted that every        three of                     of Food to transform the city into a world-leading
                                                                 centre of culinary education.
         single item of crockery,
         glassware, cutlery and     (36%)                          “Hospitality is one of London’s largest industries;
         soft tableware (napkins                                 21% of the UK’s chefs work in London (55,000 chefs
         and tablecloths) in their   have at least one or two    and cooks) and demand for chefs has been growing
         home is stolen             stolen cups/glasses          fast - the number of chefs in the city has tripled over
                                                                 the last 10 years,” said Nicolas Bosetti, Research
                                                                 Manager, Centre for London and co-author of the
         One                        18-24                        report that highlighted the following:
                                                                 •  Growing demand for chefs has not been matched
         in ten                     year olds                      with an expansion and improvement of culinary
                                                                   education and training
         (9.6%)                     are the biggest offenders    •  To ensure that London’s culinary sector continues
                                                                   to thrive, action must be taken to equip aspiring
         have one or two pieces of   with more than a third        chefs with the skills and experience to succeed
                                    (34%) admitting to
         stolen cutlery             having stolen items          •  London’s catering colleges should work with the
                                                                   Mayor of London and businesses to develop a
                                                                   two-stage culinary education system, with catering
         People                     4 million                      colleges brought together as a new London College
                                                                   of Food; a networked institution with several
         aged 54+                   people                         campuses across London, following the model of
                                                                   the University of the Arts London.

         are the most likely to     steal items more than        •  To make the chef profession more appealing to the
                                                                   next generation, the sector must urgently address
         steal condiments with      once a week.                   working conditions.
         30% often swiping                                       Centre for London is the capital’s dedicated think
         sachets and bottles
                                                                 tank. Its mission is to develop new solutions to
                                                                 London’s critical challenges and advocate for a fair
                                                                 and prosperous global city.
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