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Essentially Catering Magazine - February 2019

        Industry News

                                                              Healthy protein.

                                                              Healthy planet

                                                              Quorn, the fastest-growing food brand in the UK’s top 50
                                                              - according to The Grocer Britain’s Biggest Brands 2018
                                                              report - has announced major brand investment alongside
                                                              innovative NPD that will drive growth and penetration of
                                                              the meat free category.
                                                                The move will see the Quorn brand invest £12m in 2019 as
                                                              it launches its ‘Healthy Protein. Healthy Planet’ messaging,
                                                              highlighting how its range of meat-free products can help
        Consumers                                             consumers reduce their meat consumption and, in so doing,
                                                              the environmental impact of their diet.
                                                                “We are seeing a seismic shift in consumer attitudes
        to change                                             towards meat reduction. With the majority of the UK now
                                                              meat reducing in some way, we have reached a tipping point.
        hospitality                                           This mega trend is only going to get bigger in 2019,” said
                                                              Alex Glen, Marketing Director, Quorn Foods UK.

        spending habits

        Consumers are planning to spend less in restaurants,
        takeaways and clothing retailers this year, according
        to the latest research from Paymentsense. The study,
        which took place in December 2018, reveals that over
        half (56%) of UK consumers are planning or considering
        cutting their spending over the coming year. Survey
        respondents expect to save an average of £131 a month,
        or £1572 over 2019.

          The study revealed that the top five targets to assist
        household cost savings are:
        1.  Eating out - 35%
        2.  Takeaway food - 33%
        3.  Sweets, crisps, cakes, chocolate - 27%
        4.  Going to pubs or bars - 23%
        5.  Buying takeaway coffee - 19%.
        The most popular reason for this planned spending cut is to
        keep up with rising living costs - true for almost half (42%)
        of respondents. This comes soon after train fares saw a 3.1%
        price increase and MPs have called for a watchdog on petrol
        prices to stop motorists being unfairly overcharged.
        Millennials are more serious about saving than older
        generations. According to the research, almost 80% of
        25-34 year olds are planning or considering cutting back
        their spending in 2019, compared to just 40% of those aged
        over 65.

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