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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2019

        Industry News

        Fire-fighting liquid takes heat from

        conventional extinguishers

        Manufacturers of Firexo - a new liquid
        fire extinguisher - are promising great
        things of the product.
          “In one test, nine litres of the liquid put
        out a car fire in just 53 seconds, compared
        with conventional methods that can take
        around 45 minutes to an hour and 1800
        litres of water,” says Dave Breith, CEO,
        Firexo. “Furthermore, Firexo is the only
        solution able to extinguish all classes of fire
        (A, B, C, D, E & F). Electrical, fuel, gas, oil,
        metals, and solid combustible material fires
        can all be put out with it.
          “Firexo is also environmentally friendly
        – the non-toxic liquid is made from
        natural ingredients and is biodegradable,
        with a neutral PH. It cools materials to
        a temperature that enables them to be
        handled, creates less debris, and requires
        small volumes to extinguish a fire. The
        revolution in firefighting is here.”
          Click here to learn more about Firexo.

        Largest beer

        tasting ever -

        it’s official

        Brewhouse & Kitchen - one of the
        UK’s fastest growing pub groups -
        recently set a Guinness World Record
        for the largest beer tasting (across
        multiple venues).
          The successful event took place
        across 21 sites with 1264 tipplers doing
        their bit to ensure a well-earned place in
        beer-tasting history. The willing record
        breakers sampled three of Brewhouse
        & Kitchen’s craft beers at the same time,
        overseen by Guinness World Records
        adjudicators. Cheers to that.

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