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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2019

        Industry News

        Brakspear adopts Mind

        as chosen charity

        Pub operator and brewer Brakspear is supporting
        Mind, the leading mental health charity, for
        the next 12 months, with fundraising already
        underway in a number of Brakspear 130 pubs.
          The company is aiming to raise £60,000 for
        Mind over the year as pubs and head office teams
        get behind the charity with a raft of fundraising
        activities from pub quizzes to live music nights
        and sporting endeavours. All pubs have received a
        collecting tin and a fundraising pack full of inspiring
        ideas from Mind, including a number of suggestions
        for the festive season.
          Tom Davies, Brakspear chief executive, said:
        “With one in four people in the UK experiencing a
        mental health problem in any one year, it’s an issue
        that affects all of us, whether we work in pubs or at
        head office. I’m sure we will all be motivated to help
        this great charity continue its work.”
          Brakspear has previously supported Sue Ryder and Marie Curie across its estate, raising a total of £92,000 for the two
        charities. Pubs are supported throughout the year with ideas and a range of POS such as stickers for menus and collars for
        tap water carafes.
        Food industry aims to

        green up with Ecotricity                                                          The UK
                                                                                    sector emits
        partnership                                                                 more greenhouse
                                                                                       gases than
                                                                                          Costa Rica

        Describing itself as Britain’s greenest energy company,
        Ecotricity has launched a new partnership with the Sustainable
        Restaurant Association (SRA) that will encourage the
        foodservice industry to make smart decisions about how they
        power their businesses as part of an ongoing drive to work
        more sustainably.
          Juliane Caillouette-Noble, Development Director of the SRA,
        said: “The food we eat accounts for roughly a quarter of all
        manmade greenhouse gases emissions, more than all of the world’s
        transport combined. With a fifth of all meals eaten out of home, the
        restaurant industry has a huge role to play in combatting
        climate change.”                                           Cafe-ODE at Ness Cove, Devon is an award-winning
                                                                   SRA member and Ecotricity customer
          Ecotricity was founded by Dale Vince in 1995. The company
        fights on the three frontiers of energy, transport and food. In energy, Ecotricity not only supplies 100% green electricity
        and frack-free green gas, it also uses its customers’ bills to build new sources of green energy in Britain. In transport, the
        company built The Electric Highway, the national network of electric car charge points.

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