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Essentially Catering Magazine - December 2018

        Industry News

                                                           Pornstar Martini

                                                           is UK’s #1 cocktail

                                                           The Pornstar Martini has been revealed as the nation’s
                                                           number one cocktail, scooping the revered title from the
                                                           long-standing incumbent Mojito, according to the latest CGA
                                                           data released recently by cocktail experts Funkin.
                                                             The Pornstar Martini now accounts for almost 15% of
                                                           cocktails served within the on-trade, compared to the Mojito
                                                           that claims only 13% of all cocktail bar calls across the nation.
                                                           Created in 2002, this fruity vodka-based cocktail with a side
                                                           serving of Champagne or Prosecco is more popular now than in
                                                           the noughties.
                                                             “The Pornstar Martini is an indulgent modern classic cocktail
                                                           that has featured on drinks menus for over 16 years and we’re
                                                           proud that its creator, acclaimed mixologist Douglas Ankrah,
                                                           chose to use FunkinPRO Passion Fruit Purée in his original
                                                           serve,” says Ben Anderson, Funkin Head of Marketing. “As the
                                                           nation’s favourite cocktail, there has been no better time for
                                                           outlets to have a Pornstar Martini on their drinks menu.”
                                                             Following the Pornstar Martini and Mojito, the UK’s top five
                                                           cocktails includes Sex on the Beach (#3), Long Island Iced Tea
                                                           (#4) and the Woo Woo (#5).

          Paper straw

          manufacturer opens

          for business

          Paper Straws London Ltd  has started production of its first batch
          of paper straws, the only paper straw manufacturer in the South
          East and one of only a handful in Europe.
            With the UK’s plastic straw ban coming in to effect next year,
          caterers, corporates and consumers are looking for alternatives to feed
          the continuing high demand for straws: the World Wide Fund for
          Nature has said that this year, the UK will use 8.5 billion plastic straws,
          many of which end up in the world’s oceans.
            As most paper straws are currently produced in Asia, they still have a major environmental
          impact globally. Paper Straws London aims to be producing up to a million fully
          biodegradable, compostable and recyclable straws per week by the end of the year, with
          additional capacity in 2019.
            Paper, glues, inks and packaging are sourced exclusively from the UK and Europe and meet
          the most stringent European industry testing standards. The company uses wet food grade
          kraft paper designed to stay sturdy and strong for longevity in drinks.

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