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Essentially Catering Magazine - October 2018

        Industry News

        Government urged to support

        recruitment and cut employment

        costs for hospitality

        A recent report states that the hospitality
        sector in the UK could be perfectly placed
        to provide fulfilling careers and increased
        employment post-Brexit with the right
        support from Government on recruitment
        and skills development, and a reduction in
        employment costs.
          The Hospitality Workforce Commission
        2030, a report by a group of All Party
        Parliamentary Group chairs, makes a
        number of recommendations aimed to
        boost employment and retention in the
        sector. The inquiry was commissioned
        by UKHospitality, the trade body for
        hospitality operators.
          The sector already employs 3.2 million
        people, right across the UK and is a major
        driver of social mobility. It offers many
        people their first job, skills development and
        a meritocratic career pathway. But it is a
        sector that faces labour and skills shortages
        and is keen to grow further with a need
        for talent.
          The report follows a Select Committee-
        style series of Parliamentary evidence
        sessions scrutinising the challenges and
        opportunities being faced by employers,
        which heard from industry leaders,
        employees and MPs. A call for evidence
        resulted in 50 organisations and individuals
        contributing to the final report.
          The Commission report calls on the Government to act   greater recruitment and cut business costs. It is also critical
        decisively to help secure the future of the sector and boost   the setting of the National Living Wage rate remains
        the UK’s economy by:                                  independent and non-politicised.
        ●  Supporting a cross-industry campaign to tackle negative   UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The
        perceptions of a career in the sector                 UK’s hospitality sector is a resilient and inventive one. It has
        ●  Helping to provide better quality information about   helped provide growth, jobs and investment in every region
        opportunities in hospitality                          and has been vital for the regeneration of UK high streets
        ●  Collaborating with businesses to improve engagement   following turbulent economic periods. However, without
        between businesses and students.                      Government support and immediate action on escalating
        In addition, UKHospitality is urging the Chancellor to   employment costs, hospitality businesses will struggle
        increase the threshold for employer National Insurance   to continue to provide these opportunities for people
        Contributions (NICs) from £6,000 to £12,000 to stimulate   throughout the economic cycle.”

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