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Essentially Catering Magazine - October 2018

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        Casual dining

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        Latest figures from global information company The NPD
        Group show casual dining continues to grow in Britain.
        Many operators - especially newer, challenger brands -
        are continuing to focus on expansion despite high-profile
        closures and re-structuring that some have described as
        the ‘Casual Dining Crunch’.
          For the year ending (YE) June 2018, visits to British casual
        dining outlets were up nearly7%, equivalent to  an extra 35   casual dining restaurants are trying to expand beyond dinner
        million visits compared to the previous 12 months. Casual   into other opportunities such as breakfast (up 24% YoY
        dining now accounts for 5% of visits in Britain’s eat-out or   within the casual sector), and snacking (also up 24% YoY).
        out-of-home (OOH) foodservice industry. While the overall   The growth rate casual dining operators are enjoying with
        OOH market suffered a decline of 43 million visits in the year   breakfast is 10 times greater than breakfast growth in the
        to June 2018, casual dining chains grew visits by 34 million.   wider OOH market.
        Britons spent some £6 billion on casual dining in YE June   Families, young adults and millennials
        2018, around 11% of total OOH spend. Over the same period,
        spending on casual dining restaurants grew four times faster  Casual dining has a strong following in the family segment.
        than the total market.                                Family visits grew by 11% for YE June 2018, almost three
                                                              times faster than family visits across the overall OOH
        Recipes for success                                   market. Consumers generally are going to casual dining
        The casual dining sector is also using a variety of strategies   restaurants because they want ‘something different’ and
        to expand. Delivery continues to grow strongly across the   are attracted by the ‘quality of the food’. Both of these
        casual dining market (up 9% YoY), order ahead/click and   motivators are more pronounced among casual dining
        collect visits are also up (25% YoY), as are visits using meal   customers than for the OOH market as a whole.
        deals or promotion (up 16% YoY). Casual dining restaurants   Young adults/millennials are also loyal fans of casual
        are also benefiting from consumer recommendations with   dining restaurants. Visits from 16-24s are up
        visits driven by positive comments on a word-of-mouth   15% YoY, and 9% among 25-34s. Visits by both groups to
        basis, on social media, or via review sites up 38% YoY, more   casual dining restaurants are growing faster than with other
        than three times faster than for the wider market. Some   OOH outlets such as quick-service restaurants.
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        Aviko is on the hunt to find the nation’s best Chef Hack and is calling on chefs
        and caterers to share their top tips and recipes for making life easier in the
        professional kitchen.
          Mohammed Essa, Commercial Director UK and Ireland, Aviko, explains: “Whether
        you have a recipe tip that saves valuable time in the kitchen or a tried and tested way
        for ensuring perfectly poached eggs every time, we want to hear your hacks.
        We know our UK chefs and caterers are a fountain of knowledge, always finding the
        best solutions and this competition is a fantastic way to share this wisdom with each other.”
          To enter the competition, share your hacks on Twitter with #ChefHacks and @avikouk before midnight on Friday 26
        October 2018. Throughout November, Aviko’s five favourite hacks will be pitted against each other in a public vote; the
        winning Chef Hack will be announced on Friday 7 December 2018.
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