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Essentially Catering Magazine - September 2017

        Industry News

        Warewasher maintenance – act now

                                           As we exit one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality industry
                                           and enter the Christmas countdown, Nelson is advising anybody about to
                                           buy a glasswasher or dishwasher to carefully check the terms of their service
                                           agreement and, for those who don’t opt for one, to ascertain the cost and
                                           waiting time of an emergency call-out from their supplier.
                                             “Glasswashers especially, but dishwashers too, are understandably put through
                                           their paces both during the summer months and at Christmas as these are
                                           typically the busiest times of year for any food and drink based establishment,”
                                           says John Nelson, MD, Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines
                                             “Most warewasher call-outs are down to operator error,” continues Nelson, who
                                           also suggests that operators should spend time re-emphasising to staff the daily
                                           maintenance schedule that should include:
                                           ●  Cleaning filters
                                           ●  Checking spray arms to ensure they are free of any debris
                                           ●  Running a self-clean cycle or, if not available, cleaning the wash tank manually
                                           ●  Checking the levels of the chemical containers and refilling as necessary
                                           ●  Leaving the door open overnight to prohibit growth of moulds or bacteria.

          World’s Biggest  BBPA publishes

          Coffee Morning                                      updated guide on

          29 September                                        drugs and pubs

          Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee   The BBPA has published an
          Morning will be returning to event spaces and       updated guide for licensees
          eateries across the country - for its 27th year - on   on the laws around drugs
          Friday 29 September.                                as well as a host of useful
            Having raised a total of £29.5 million in 2016, this
          year’s event aims to raise even more vital money for   information on how to deal
                                                              with drug use and drug
          people living with cancer. This is the year that the total   users on licensed premises.
          raised by Coffee Morning since it began will pass the   Drugs and pubs: A guide
          £200 million mark.                                  to keeping a drug free pub,
            For more information on Macmillan’s Coffee
          Morning, how to get involved and register for       is free to download on the
                                                              BBPA website and contains new,
          your free fundraising pack, visit                   specific advice on the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016
      One in two of
                                         us will get cancer   and on door searches, along with detailed information on
                                          in our lifetime     commonly used drugs and how to identify drug use.
                                                                Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer
                                                              & Pub Association, comments:
                                                                “Drugs can be associated with the night-time economy,
                                                              and even the best-run premises are not always immune.
                                                              A proactive approach to tackling illicit drugs and a strong
                                                              relationship with the police and local authorities are the
                                                              best way forward.”

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