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Essentially Catering Magazine - June 2017

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        OOH breakfast on the wane

        The amount of people choosing to eat
        breakfast out of the home on a daily basis
        has dropped by 11% since 2015, according
        to purchasing company Beacon.
          The company’s research reveals that
        just 4% of consumers say they would eat
        breakfast out of home on a daily basis now,
        compared to 15% in 2015. While the average
        spend has increased by 31% to £10.09,
        this drastic drop in frequency has led to a
        significant drop in the estimated daily spend,
        which was £76 million in 2015 compared
        to £20 million now. There is added concern
        for the hotel market too, where the average
        spend for a hotel breakfast comes in at
        just £8.
          Paul Connelly, Beacon’s Managing
        Director, commented: “These new figures
        show a behaviour change at breakfast,
        where consumers are spending more, but
        eating out less. This highlights the potential
        impact that inflationary pressures in the
        foodservice market are having on the
        hospitality industry. In the past year alone
        we’ve seen various price increases in food
        and drink items, specifically bacon and fresh
        produce and most recently significant price
        increases in coffee.”

                                                 Pasta is favourite

                                                 veggie meal

                                                 In a recent survey commissioned by the Vegetarian Society, people
                                                 were asked which was their favourite vegetarian meal that does not
                                                 include any kind of meat, poultry, fish or seafood. Pasta was the clear
                                                 winner gaining 16.3% of the vote.
                                                   The poll, which was carried out ahead of National Vegetarian Week
                                                 (15 to 21 May) by YouGov, surveyed meat-eaters, pescetarians and
                                                   Salad took second place with 7.3%, while 6.3% of respondents opted
                                                 for curry as their favourite, putting it in third place. Fourth and fifth places
                                                 were very close, with pizza just stretching ahead of mac ‘n’ cheese with
                                                 5.7% and 5.6% of the votes respectively.
                                                   Other dishes that just missed out on the top slots included: egg and
                                                 chips, beans on toast, omelette, soup, baked potato and risotto.

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