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Essentially Catering Magazine - June 2017

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        An egg a day keeps

        the doctor away

        New research has concluded that the egg’s unique combination of
        high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals means
        it should be termed ‘Nature’s multivitamin’, according to report
        author Dr Carie Ruxton.
          The paper highlights that as well as containing high-quality protein
        and fatty acids, there are a number of key nutrients found in eggs - including vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, iodine and
 SC Johnson Professional cleaning products   AVAILABLE FROM  choline - that are not present in many other foods, and in which many population groups are known to be deficient.
 provide powerful results from a name you   Other research has shown that eggs may have a positive impact on health in people with Type 2 diabetes; and there are
        several areas in which they may benefit the health of older people. One recent study showed that egg intake may have a
 can trust.  beneficial association with cognitive performance in older people, and eggs can also play an important role in boosting the
        protein content in the diet of older people at risk of sarcopenia (muscle wastage).
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 your business polished.  New era of casual diners want a

        more digital restaurant experience

                                                                Results also revealed a rise in more casual dining, with
                                                              more frequent diners being more likely to use their phone
                                                              while in the restaurant. Regular diners (more than once a
                                                              week) were significantly more likely to use social media
                                                              (32% versus 14%) than rare diners (less than once a month).
                                                              Similarly, regular diners were more likely to send messages
                                                              and make calls (36% versus 17%), and nearly three times
                                                              more likely to take photos of their friends or food (32%
                                                              versus 13%).
                                                                When asked about a restaurant app that would make
                                                              paying and redeeming promotions easier when dining out,
                                                              55% of all consumers said they would find this helpful. This
                                                              was much higher in younger groups, with three quarters of
                                                              25-34s and 68% of 16-24s responding positively.
                                                                Finally, when asked how their restaurant experience could
                                                              be enhanced, nearly a third (32%) of consumers overall said
        Research from Eagle Eye reveals a rise in young, frequent   they would like to receive personalised promotions based
        diners who want more mobile enablement in restaurants.   on previous purchases to their mobile when they enter the
        Under-35s reported regularly using their smartphone   restaurant. This rose to 39% in 16-24s and 42% in 25-34s.
        in restaurants, yet hardly ever to interact with the    “Restaurants are suffering a digital disconnect when it
        restaurant itself. The research finds a demand for    comes to the customer experience,” said Tim Mason, CEO
        restaurants to offer a more mobile customer experience.  of Eagle Eye. “Mobile-savvy consumers are already keen
          The research found that 16-24 year olds frequently   to interact with restaurants to improve their customer
        use their phone in a restaurant for personal use: to send   experience. This is a great opportunity for restaurants to
        messages or make calls (40%), take photos of friends or their  speak directly to their customer and gain valuable insight
        food (37%), or check social media (41%). In contrast, just 16%   and data, which will help improve customer experience and
        had redeemed a promotion and even fewer (10%) had paid   drive sales in future.”
        for a bill via their mobile.                  

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