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Fuel success with LPG

With regulatory obligations driving demand for cleaner energy sources, LPG is fast gaining ground as a low-carbon, future-friendly solution. Legislation such as the Energy related Products (ErP) directive can make alternative, more polluting fuel sources either obsolete or too expensive, while LPG as a cleaner fuel means it is more likely to comply with future legislative requirements. Rob Shuttleworth, Chief Executive of UKLPG, explains why LPG is a no brainer for businesses that operate off grid.

Whether you run a holiday park, pub, restaurant, hotel or cater for many of the increasingly popular food and music festivals, a reliable, clean fuel is an essential ingredient for a successful business.
There are a number of headaches commonly associated with some off-grid fuels, but not with LPG. Here are just a few of the things you do not need to worry about when using LPG to fuel your business:

1. Running out

Not only is LPG widely available across the UK, many LPG suppliers offer tanks fitted with technology that monitors your gas level for you.

2. Performance

LPG can be up to five times more efficient than traditional fuels as a high proportion of its energy content is converted into heat. In addition, LPG offers a stable temperature control. LPG is not just ideal for cooking, it also serves as an invaluable heat source where warm rooms and plentiful hot water are a vital part of a positive customer experience.

3. Green credentials

LPG has strong green credentials. With many off-gas grid locations exploring sustainable energy options, LPG offers a reliable, round-the-clock, low carbon fuel source in the most remote parts of the country. Indeed, it performs well when compared to traditional off-gas grid fuels. LPG emits 35% less CO2 than coal, 12% less than oil, almost no black carbon, with low particle emissions, low NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions and low sulphur content.

4. No delays

LPG provides instant heat and is widely used by many businesses to deliver instant hot water, providing savings by eliminating storage and unnecessary heating costs.

5. Maintenance costs

Particularly when taking whole life costs into account, a switch from oil to LPG can lead to significant savings. A cleaner fuel than oil, and with a lower carbon content, using LPG means chimneys and flues require less cleaning and that pipework and filters are under less strain. By opting for LPG, businesses can reduce the overall maintenance costs associated with their heating systems.

6. Future low carbon requirements

There is a large range of renewable energies available such as solar, biomass and wind. However, relying solely on a renewable energy source can be problematic. A flexible gas, LPG can be used alongside the latest low carbon technologies to meet the needs of businesses looking to boost their green credentials.

In addition to the above, LPG is very versatile. Portable cylinders are widely used for mobile catering, and for pubs and restaurants off the gas grid. LPG is also available in bulk and these days tanks can be located underground so they don’t interfere with the aesthetics of an attractive rural location.

Tried and tested

Even when equipped with the knowledge that there are cost savings and environmental benefits to be gained from making the transition from oil to LPG, the idea of switching can seem daunting for anyone running a demanding business.

Nash Manor Guesthouse, West Sussex

Nash Manor Guesthouse, West SussexSwitching from oil to LPG was deemed both easy and cost effective by the Nash Manor Guesthouse in West Sussex. The oil tank had rusted and the owner was concerned about the negative impact it was having on the environment as well as the loss of fuel.

The cost of buying a new oil tank was prohibitive and so, after researching alternatives, the owner decided that switching to LPG would be by far the best option. The owner was also attracted by the fact that, unlike oil, LPG could not be stolen. The LPG supplier removed the old oil tank, installed the new LPG tank underground and re-landscaped the area, with the whole transition taking just three days.

Royal Ullapool Hotel, Scotland

The Royal Ullapool Hotel in Scotland

The Royal Ullapool Hotel in Scotland found its oil boilers costly and inefficient to run and discovered that switching to LPG had a positive impact both on efficiency and bills.

Franco Calistri, Managing Director at The Royal Ullapool Hotel, said: “For guests braving the elements around the rugged sea lochs, we can make sure their rooms are warm and there is a plentiful supply of hot water on their return.”

Safety first

When it comes to mobile catering, LPG is widely used throughout the UK. UKLPG partners with the Nationwide Caterers Association to advise operators on how best to use and store LPG safely to ensure that street food markets, food festivals and catering at music events pass without a hitch.

For more information on suppliers and safety guidance, visit

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