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FULLfast to the rescue

FULLfast to the rescue

It's that time of year when many of us are struggling to lose the evidence of the excesses of the past few weeks. According to FULLfast, on average each of us eats an amazing 17,500 extra calories over the Christmas period – on top of our normal diet. That’s the equivalent of 73 average mince pies or 125 medium-sized roast potatoes or four and a half large Christmas puddings (which are meant to serve 12 people each).

True to its name, FULLfast is promoted as a natural appetite control spray that works on your brain (which controls feelings of hunger) rather than on your stomach. And with your brain 'on side' it becomes dramatically easier to say 'no' to tempting treats and take control of what you eat without resorting to any dangerous or faddy New Year diets. Of course this is by no means a magic potion – it just makes it easier for people to say no to temptations as brains are telling bodies that they have already had enough to eat.

An efficacy study relating to FULLfast was published in the International Journal of Obesity in September 2009. Conducted at an Italian university test centre, the study confirmed that FULLfast significantly improved the success of a low-calorie diet in losing body weight by reducing hunger cravings. All you do is spray FULLfast three times under your tongue five times a day and within a few days you will notice that your appetite is not what it used to be.

How it works

Your brain, not your stomach, controls whether you feel full or hungry and that – we are told – is why FULLfast is so effective. Its 100% natural ingredients include the amino acid, 5-HTP, which is essential to the production of serotonin – a naturally occurring chemical created in the brain that can help to keep hunger pangs at bay.

 One bottle, a month’s supply, costs RRP £23.95 and is available from most good independent pharmacies or

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