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Essentially Catering Magazine - March 2020

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           A survey undertaken by British warewashing
           brand, Classeq, has found that almost a third of
           operators surveyed do not actively practise an
           ongoing cleaning and maintenance schedule for
           their warewashing equipment. Alarmingly, these
           operators simply wait for their equipment to go
           wrong before reaching out to solve the problem.
              Adam Lenton, Marketing Manager, Classeq, said:
           “30% of those asked admitted that they don’t follow
           recommended guidelines and leave things ‘to chance’.
           Operators can get more from their equipment and
           enjoy longer and better performance if a simple
           cleaning routine and basic maintenance schedule are adhered to.”
              According to Classeq, keeping on top of a little everyday cleaning will make a huge difference to the final results
           that come out of the washer. Training staff properly on how to run and maintain a machine helps to ensure the
           machines run at optimum efficiency and for the longest period, avoiding costly mistakes that can lead to damage
           over time and limit the lifespan of a machine.

        Drinkaware launches refreshed

        workplace training

        Alcohol education charity Drinkaware has launched a
        refreshed adaptation of its successful health, safety and
        wellbeing training, Drinkaware at Work. The programme
        has been accredited by the Continued Personal
        Development certification service and the Royal Society
        for Public Health.
          Drinkaware at Work is a comprehensive 12-month course
        that aims to support the existing health, safety and wellbeing
        agenda of UK businesses. The programme has three
        types of training options for employers. Each is designed
        to complement and reinforce a better understanding of
        employees’ choices about their drinking, leading to healthier,
        safer and more productive workplaces. The individual
        training elements comprise face-to-face training sessions,
        eLearning and ‘train the trainer’.

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