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Essentially Catering Magazine - March 2020

        Industry News

           Educate consumers to

           boost wine sales

           The latest Wine Insight analysis from CGA and The Buyer highlights the
           need for greater knowledge about a complex market.
             One of the key messages from the fourth edition of the Wine Insight Report
           series is that operators and suppliers can use recommendations, tastings,
           menus and other tools to help consumers improve their knowledge of wine and
           rejuvenate sales, thereby reversing reverse a trend that has
           seen still wine sales dip by 5.9% year-on-year.
             Mark Newton, senior partnership development manager,
           CGA, said: “Research for the report finds that two in
           five out-of-home wine drinkers have an active interest
           in the category, but just 6% consider themselves very
           knowledgeable about it. Since knowledgeable consumers are
           much more likely to try new drinks, there is a clear incentive
           for the on-trade to improve customers’ understanding of
           aspects of wine such as grape, origin and vintage.
             “Operators and suppliers have done a great job lately
           telling consumers stories about provenance and flavours in
           drinks categories such as craft beer and gin. Learning a few
           tricks from these booming markets could help to inject fresh
           energy into the wine market in 2020 and beyond.”

        Site lends a hand to improve

        hygiene standards

                                                In Europe, 23 million people fall ill and 5000 people die
                                                          every year from foodborne diseases

                                                At a time when not only is the Coronavirus becoming increasingly
                                                threatening, but also infection rates traditionally peak with millions of
                                                people contracting flu, norovirus, and other common colds and viruses,
                                                businesses are being urged to take a proactive approach to food hygiene
                                                and safety.
                                                  To help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevent the spread of
                                                infection, GOJO has launched The site features
                                                informative resources available to download, designed specifically to
                                                encourage hand hygiene*.
                                                * Research has shown that the act of handwashing can break the chain of infection

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