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Essentially Catering Magazine - March 2020

        Industry News

        Research reveals

        change required

        for hotels

        New research from HGEM - guest experience
        management expert - finds that 66% of remote workers
        regularly work from hotels or coffee shops. Coffee    Sustainability
        shops are the most popular choice for 83% of remote
        workers, even though many acknowledged that hotels
        are often quieter and safer.                          key to
          A resounding 86% of people also said they believe
        that hotels and coffee shops should provide a dedicated
        space on site for remote workers. A further 48% of remote   hospitality’s
        workers will purchase drinks and snacks during this time
        although 60% say they would prefer a ‘grazing offering’
        as opposed to traditional menus in hotel restaurants. The   prosperity
        study also showed that 84% of people would be more
        inclined to work remotely from hotels if the food and
        beverage offer were improved.                         The UK’s hospitality sector is working hard to promote
          The research also indicates that hotels need to be   sustainability, but there is room for improvement if
        more open minded in their approach to service, whether   it wishes to continue to lead the way, according to a
        that relates to allowing guests to order-in food deliveries   new report.
        from external providers such as Deliveroo and Just Eat,   The sixth UKHospitality/CGA Future Shock Report,
        and letting them eat that food in the hotel restaurant,   published recently, focuses on sustainability in hospitality,
        or creating more personalised services for guests such   highlighting the work currently being undertaken by
        as tablets for people to pre-order food in their room,   businesses to promote sustainability. Crucially, it also
        personalised menus or options linked to guest hobbies.  examines areas in which the sector must do more to
                                                              respond to increasing customer demand and anticipate
                                                              future legislation.
                                                                The report recognises the power of consumer demand,
                                                              with customers now expecting businesses in the sector to
                                                              engage in at least one of four key areas of sustainability:
                                                              ●   Ethically sourced food and drink incorporating
                                                                 seasonal, local and fairly-traded ingredients
                                                              ●  Environmentally friendly packaging
                                                              ●  Reduced carbon footprint
                                                              ●  Donating to social, ethical or green causes.
                                                                Findings also highlight that, despite customers being
                                                              increasingly interested in sustainability, not everyone is
                                                              prepared to pay for it. Food waste is also identified as a
                                                              priority among industry leaders and the importance of
                                                              technology in tackling the issue.
                                                                Karl Chessell, Business Unit Director, Food and Retail
                                                              at CGA, said: “The environmental impacts of restaurants,
                                                              pubs, bars and hotels are under intense scrutiny, and all
                                                              operators will need to demonstrate a genuine commitment
                                                              to sustainability as we enter the new decade.”

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