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Essentially Catering Magazine - February 2020

        Industry News

        Ensuring repeat visits

        According to recent research, factors considered to be the most important among
        the public when choosing whether to make a repeat visit to a restaurant are:

         1.  Quality of food (86%)         6.  Food hygiene (21%)

         2.  Quality of service (50%)      7.  Atmosphere (12%)
         3.  Price point (43%)             8.  Customer reviews (6%)

         4.  Menu selection (31%)          9.   Accommodating of personal
                                              requirements e.g. accessible,
         5.  Location (22%)                   special dietary needs etc. (3%).

          The findings are revealed as part of a nationwide study involving hospitality industry business managers and members of
        the public. The campaign, Preserving the ‘Art of Hospitality’: Championing the Industry for Post-Brexit Survival, draws upon
        extensive research to create an interactive hospitality report. It encourages the industry to work together to ensure the UK
        maintains its reputation for delivering quality service, with recommendations for how businesses can successfully recruit
        and retain more staff.
          The report was released by High Speed Training, a leading online training provider to the hospitality industry.

          Bosses out of touch,

          research finds

          Exploring the attitudes of 250 bosses and 250 employees in UK firms, recent research by HR provider
          People First reveals how employers lack an accurate picture of how staff feel and the way it affects
          their work.
          Findings include:
          ●  93% of UK bosses in the hospitality sector think it is important to be liked
          ●   90% of employees are crying out for their day-to-day experience of work
             to be improved
          ●   84% of bosses think their staff are happy and 76% believe most of their
             employees are fully engaged in what they do
          ●   Only 64% of staff find work makes them happy and just 42% are fully
             engaged or absorbed in what they do to earn a living.
          ●   Men are more likely to say their work really engages them (48%) than
             women (37%), reflecting the longstanding difference in support and
             career development offered to women, as well as the well-publicised
             gender pay-gap
          ●   Whereas 39% of employers believe most staff quit a job for emotional
             reasons, only 17% of employees say that’s the main cause of them
             handing in their notice.
            People First, created by MHR International, is an HR software platform
          that provides businesses with the tools and thinking to nurture and engage
          talent while increasing retention and driving productivity.

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