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Essentially Catering Magazine - February 2020

        Industry News

        World’s Biggest

        Pub Quiz returns

        in March

        Pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs are                        Biodegradable
        being urged to reserve a date in their
        diaries between 8-12 March for the
        World’s Biggest Pub Quiz - a fundraising                     tumblers
        initiative organised by PubAid to raise
        money for charities, including their
        official charity partner Action Against                      from Bestway
        Hunger UK.
        Licensees who register will receive a
        free quiz pack, including two sets of quiz                   Wholesale
        questions, posters and social media assets
        to encourage customers to come along                         Bestway Wholesale is stocking new
        and join in. Pubs are free to fundraise for a charity of their   recyclable and biodegradable plastic tumblers,
        choosing, and those unsure are encouraged to raise money for   in a move to fulfil significant demand for
        official charity partners, Action Against Hunger, who treat more   sustainable products and boost its customers’
        children facing life-threatening hunger than any other charity.  environmental credentials.
        As well as pubs, this year has also seen local community       The Nupik iPlastic tumblers are a flexible
        groups and restaurants getting in on the action, testament   option for caterers, including pubs, QSRs, cafés
        to the quiz’s growing appeal and to the links forged with the   and pop-ups, enabling them to serve drinks in
        restaurant sector through Action Against Hunger’s ‘Love Food,   disposable containers while being conscious of the
        Give Food’ campaign.                                         environment. Operators can choose from pint size,
        Free quiz packs will be sent to all pubs registering at      half pint and 7oz iPlastic cups.                                            The iPlastic polypropylene tumblers are highly
                                                                     recyclable and should be disposed of through a
                                                                     standard recycling system. If for any reason iPlastic
           The World’s                                               is not recycled within two years and thrown away
           Biggest Pub Quiz                                          irresponsibly, the technology within the tumbler will
           is scheduled for                                          allow it to biodegrade into water, CO  and biomass,
           8-12 March 2020,                                                                        2
           but the organisers                                        leaving no microplastics or plastic pollution behind.
           stress that this                                            Kenton Burchell, Trading Director at Bestway
           window is a                                               Wholesale said: “These new tumblers complement
           guideline, not                                            our existing range of biodegradable paper bowls
           a requirement.                                            and plates, also by Nupik, recyclable paper straws
           Pubs that want to
           take part but can’t                                       and wooden cutlery, providing a full range of
           run the quiz during                                       environmental products for customers.”
           that week are                                             Bestway’s full range of environmentally friendly
           welcome to run it at                                      catering and packaging products can be found in
           any other time.
                                                                     the Packaging and Catering Supplies magazine,
                                                                     marked with green pricing to highlight the green
                                                                     credentials. Caterers can order the iPlastic tumblers
         Action Against Hunger is the world’s leading charity in the fight against   in sleeves of 50s for the ½ pint and pint cups and
         child hunger, treating more young children for life-threatening hunger   100s for the 7oz in Bestway and Batleys depots,
         than any other charity. In 2018 Action Against Hunger supported more   or via the Bestway Wholesale website
         than 21 million people across 47 countries.       

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