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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2020

        Industry News

        BBPA publishes cost

        benchmarking data

        The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has published the latest
        edition of its operating cost guide for tenants and lessees.
          The BBPA’s guide provides valuable information for tenants and
        lessees on typical operating costs in the pub sector, giving operators the
        opportunity to benchmark their own business and compare their own
        costs against these published industry norms.
          The guide shows the average cost of running a leased and tenanted
        pub over a range of pub models based on turnover and business types.
        It covers a wide range of pubs, from those with little in the
        way of food sales, to those that are largely food-led, and   The guide’s input data and sources
        takes account of the significant variations that exist in the   change each year, so the information
        cost base, even within those pubs that are broadly in the   should not be used to determine trends
                                                                   from year to year
        same category.
          Click here to download the new benchmarking data.

          Soaring sales of no / low alcohol

          A new report from CGA - Understanding Moderation in the On-Trade - shows that sales of no and low alcohol
          have risen by 48% over the past 12 months to more than £60m a year, with growth for totally alcohol-free
          options rising at an even higher rate of 80%. With only 9% of those consumers classifying themselves as teetotal,
          the report suggests that these drinks are popular with people wanting to moderate their intake rather than seek
          a permanent substitute.
            The report also shows that one in three (32%) adults has tried a no or low alcohol beer, wine or spirit in the last six
          months. This equates to some 15.5 million consumers, with another 8.9 million saying they find the category appealing.

                                                                       Dry January boom
                                                                       While a flood of new no and low alcohol
                                                                       beers, wines, spirits and cocktails has arrived
                                                                       on the market lately, CGA’s report reveals
                                                                       significant headroom for growth - starting in
                                                                       the New Year. More than four million people
                                                                       signed up to the Dry January campaign in
                                                                       2019, and that number is expected to rise
                                                                       in 2020, pushing no and low alcohol drinks
                                                                       firmly into the mainstream.
                                                                          ‘Understanding Moderation in the
                                                                       On-Trade’ is available to buy. For more
                                                                       information click here.

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