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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2020

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             Roast dinners –

             getting it right

        During the winter months, the traditional British
        Sunday roast is a weekly treat enjoyed by many.
        But how can operators ensure that their offer cuts
        the mustard – as it were? The latest data from
        online review specialist, Feed It Back, reveals which
        ingredients in the British roast dinner drive consumers
        to make positive or negative reviews

        Meat matters

        By analysing thousands of online and social reviews across
        the restaurant and bar industries, the statistics reveal that
        beef is the ingredient that can make or break a roast, with
        the word beef driving 28% of positive reviews (the highest
        of all ingredients). Conversely, it also features in 42% of all
        negative reviews, indicating its power to garner positive
        endorsement or a negative review.
          Other meats, such as chicken and pork, are less likely to
        drive positive endorsement, accounting for 6% and 4% of
        positive reviews respectively. However, both meats account
        for 21% of negative reviews, indicating that customers are
        not wowed by the product, but do expect a base level of
        quality, which when not met can lead to negative feedback.
        Perfect spuds required

        Whether mashed, roasted, dauphinoise or boiled, potatoes   Ride the gravy train
        are a key component on a roast dinner that operators need   It wouldn’t be a roast without gravy and ensuring this is up
        to get right. In fact, they lead the way for negative reviews,   to scratch is also key to generating positive reviews, making
        with 47% of negative reviews across the pub and bar and   up 14% of positive reviews. Guests disappointed with gravy
        restaurant sectors referencing the word potato; focusing on   described it as tasteless or watery, as well as referencing
        cold and hard potatoes, in particular.                the quantity.

          David Livingstone, Head of Catering, Bestway Wholesale agrees that, while generous quantities of tasty gravy are a
          crucial part of a roast, operators need to think outside the traditional box: “Lashings of gravy is a basic requirement
          but it’s no longer a case of pairing sauces with a particular meat. British consumers like to mix it up - mint sauce
          with chicken, lamb and mustard, and so on. There are no straightforward couplings anymore so it’s important pubs,
          restaurants and bars always provide a wide variety of options and don’t pigeonhole their customers based on the most
          popular centre of plate.”

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