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Essentially Catering Magazine - April 2020


        Ensuring safe delivery

        Unsure what equipment is required when setting up a food delivery service? Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM)
        has plenty of salient advice on its blog page.
          For more information, either call FEM on 01355 244111 or email

           Adapting warewashing equipment

           Winterhalter UK is highlighting how commercial dishwashers and glasswashers can be adapted to help meet the
           new requirements businesses need to satisfy when offering a takeaway service.

             “Restaurants and pubs becoming takeaways will begin
           to operate more like production kitchens, with almost no
           need to wash plates and cutlery but greater amounts of
           pots, pans and utensils being cleaned, more often,” says
           Paul Crowley, marketing manager, Winterhalter UK.
             He continues: “Some undercounter and passthrough
           dishwashers and glasswashers can be adapted to enable
           them to handle these very different requirements.
           Changing the wash parameters, for example to increase
           water pressure and length of the wash cycle, will enable
           machines previously optimised for delicate stemware or
           decorated plates to easily tackle more heavily soiled pots
           and pans, even with heavily baked-on foodstuffs.
             “To get the best results you need chemicals
           specifically designed for pots and pans, rather than
           glasses or dishes. We recommend an aluminium-safe
           dishwasher detergent in combination with an open rack,
           for washing an increasing amount of utensils. Meanwhile,
           for sites washing by hand, we recommend using anti-
           bacterial washing up liquid.”

                                                                           Containers required

                                                                           To help operators, many of whom will
                                                                           be offering takeaway for the first time,
                                                                           Celebration Packaging has launched a
                                                                           new Packaging Food2Go website aimed
                                                                           at small to medium-sized businesses.
                                                                             Unlike some other suppliers,
                                                                           Celebration is happy to welcome new
                                                                           customers. Orders are shipped on the
                                                                           same day, so long as the order is received
                                                                           before 2pm. Free shipping on orders over
                                                                           £100.00. For further information click
                                                                           here or email

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