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Essentially Catering Magazine - April 2020


        Transforming to Takeaway

        During the first week of lockdown at the end of March,
        High Speed Training conducted research, asking people
        what would make them more likely to order a takeaway or
        delivery service from their local.

        Results of the research included the following:
        ●  Paying online and the promise of high food hygiene
         standards were the two most popular criteria (42% each)
        ●  ‘Contactless’ delivery with no face-to-face contact was
                                                                “One of the biggest challenges will be choosing how to
         third (28%)                                          fulfil orders,” says Sarah Taylor, High Speed Training. “Look
        ●  25% would prefer to avoid shops and supermarkets to buy   at the benefits and limitations for delivering food direct
         food; 22% found that there were no delivery slots available.   to customers or signing up to a delivery provider if within
         Could your business step in to help with this issue  a catchment area. The likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats
        ●  25% indicated that they would like to be made aware of   have recently published guidelines for restaurants as they
         healthy meal options. Online interaction, whether via   see sign-ups in urban areas soar. Those outside of their
         websites or social media channels, was revealed to be the   catchment areas, or that prefer to go solo may prefer to
         least likely way to prompt an order, for example hosting   utilise software from the likes of Access Hospitality
         virtual cooking classes.                             or Flipdish.”

        Just Eat’s offer may not                                CIEH issues new guidance
        be all it seems

        CEO and co-founder of Flipdish, Conor McCarthy is
        cynical about Just Eat’s current no-fee offer. McCarthy
        provides the following caveat to operators who may be
        tempted to sign on the Just Eat dotted line:
          “Currently, the only way for many restaurants to stay
        in business is to transform into takeaways. With Just
        Eat announcing it has cut fees for 30 days, restaurants,
        bars and pubs across the UK need to take a step back
        and see the news for exactly what it is: a marketing stunt
        masquerading as social responsibility.
          “While a 33% reduction in fees sounds attractive, the
        devil is always in the detail. After 19 April, Just Eat can
        hike fees back up to original levels by which time you’ll
        have directed hundreds of your loyal customers onto their   The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
        platform, where they take a large cut of every order and   (CIEH) has published new guidance to businesses
        all the data that comes with it.”                       on setting up food delivery and takeaway services
          Looking for an alternative? Contact Flipdish to find out   in response to COVID-19 restrictions.
        how they can build you an ordering service, in a matter of   CIEH has worked collaboratively with its members
        hours, on either a new website or your existing one.    in the public and private sectors to produce this
                                                                guidance for businesses that may not have previously
         If you are a restaurant or pub that would like support in   offered a delivery or takeaway service.
         transforming your business into a takeaway during the    CIEH’s new guidance on food delivery and
         COVID-19 pandemic, @Flipdish has advice available      takeaways can be viewed here.
         here  #onlineordering #fooddelivery #covid19             All other guidance and information from CIEH on
         #covid_19 #coronavirus                                 COVID-19 can be viewed here.

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