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                                                                                             First to market in

                     From the people behind trusted, iconic cleaning & hygiene

                              brands such as Mr Muscle®, Glade® and Duck®.

                  DEB ANTIBAC FOAM SOAP

                                         Starter Pack

            LESS THAN

                                                                               •  Over 2580 washes per pack
            PER HAND
                                                                               •  Readily Biodegradable
                                                                               •  FREE DISPENSER included
                                                                               •  Kills up to 99.99% of common

                                                                                  germs  1

                                                                              Code: 669785
                                                                              Contains 2 x ANTIBAC 1L Cartridges
                                                                              & 1 x Quick-View Dispenser

                     Introduce Deb Foam Soaps into your business - promote

                         hand hygiene and food safety, whilst reducing costs.

                       LOW MAINTENANCE                      COST EFFICIENT                      EFFECTIVE
                       Quick & easy to check                With over 2850 hand                 Kills up to 99.99%
                       cartridge & refill                   washes per pack                     of common germs   1

              HELP PREVENT                                       THE SPREAD OF GERMS

                                                                 AND CROSS CONTAMINATION
                                     WITH EFFECTIVE HAND HYGIENE

               “Every year foodborne diseases cause 1 in 10 people to fall ill
                                              and can be deadly.”

                                                         References:   1   When used properly.      2  WHO Estimates of the Global Burden of Foodborne Diseases. 2015.

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