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Essen ially Catering Magazine - December 2019

        Industry News

                                             Cook book supports

                                             refugee crisis

                                             Husband and wife team Alan and Katherine Strang were serving in the
                                             Refugee Support free shop in the Katsikas Camp in Northern Greece when
                                             they became inspired to create a cook book re lec ing the diversity of the
                                             refugees they met.
                                                “We got to hear many stories about the unimaginable terror and hardship
                                             these people have experienced that have made it impossible for them to remain
                                             in their homelands,” explains Alan. “We were amazed at the diŽference in food
                                             that was selected by the many naionaliies and cultures and so we began to ask
                                             what they planned to cook for themselves and what food they most missed.”
                                                Tastes & Tales From a Distant Homeland is a collecion of over 80 authenic
                                             homestyle recipes, inspiring thoughts, and heartfelt stories. The 192-page,
                                             hardback book costs £20 from
                                             All proceeds aŽter producion costs go to Refugee Support Europe.

          World’s best cheeses

          An organic blue cheese produced by US
          cheesemaker, Rogue Creamery was named
          World Champion Cheese 2019 in Bergamo,
          Italy recently. The  irst-ever American
          champion triumphed over 3804 entries from
          42 di ferent countries.
            At the end of the Žinal judging stage, this
          unique blue cheese was level with a 24-month
          aged Nazionale del Parmigiano Reggiano
          Lateria Sociale Santo Stefano on 100 points,
          leaving it to the Chairman of the Judging Panel,
          food broadcaster Nigel Barden, to give the
          casing vote. In third place with 92 points was
          a raw ewe’s milk cheese from Spain, Torta del
          Casar D.O.P. Virgen Del Prado made by Queseria
          Doña Francisca S.L.
            UK winners were:
          Corra Linn from Errington Cheese,
          South Lanarkshire - Best Sco  ish Cheese
          Pitchfork Cheddar from Trethowan’s Dairy,
          Somerset - Best Bri ish Cheese
          Tysul Blue from Jones’ Cheese Co,
          Ceredigion - Best Welsh Cheese.

          In total, Briish cheesemakers won 11 Super Gold,
          20 Gold, 33 Silver and 45 Bronze awards.

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