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Essen ially Catering Magazine - December 2019

        Industry News

          Winterhalter’s KP of the Year

          Davie Fleetham has been a kitchen porter
          for BaxterStorey at RBS in Edinburgh for
          17 years - and now he is the 2019 KP of
          the Year.
            “The team sees Davie as an inspiraion,”
          said catering manager Lindsay Turnbull,
          who nominated him for the award. “He
          bakes bread, cooks breakfast, checks all the
          equipment, cleans and delivers sandwiches
          to our other locaions. He can turn his hand
          to anything. He’s a star!”
            Along with his KP of the Year trophy,
          Davie wins £1000 cash plus a celebratory
          dinner with family or friends. His kitchen
          wins too, in the shape of Winterhalter
          equipment up to the value of £8000.
            Click here for more informaion about
          the Kitchen Porter of the Year awards.

                                          Humble vegetables

                                          triumph over meat

                                          and  ish

                                          Following a day of outstanding displays of culinary prowess by some of
                                          the most talented young chefs in the UK and North Europe recently, Jerome
                                          Calayag (Sweden) was announced as the winner. He will be par icipa ing in the
                                          S.Pellegrino Young Chef Finale, which takes place in Milan on 8-9 May 2020.
                                             Jerome Calayag won the judges over with his signature dish, Humble Vegetables.
                                          Voted for by the Regional Jury, the award is given to the chef who has unrivalled
                                          technical skills, genuine creaivity and an excepional, strong personal belief
                                          about Gastronomy.
                                          Three other awards on the night comprised:
                                          •   Acqua Panna Award for Connec ion in Gastronomy -
                                            Timothee Marin-Nadaud (UK) with his signature dish, The World Is Your Oyster
                                          •   Fine Dining Lovers Community Award - Nicolas Fagundes Galindo (Ireland)
                                            with Flavors And Textures Of Palm And Ox Tongue
                                          •   S.Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility - Pippa Lovell (UK)
                                            with What She Found.
                                          For further informaion, click here.

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