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Essen ially Catering Magazine - December 2019

        Industry News

           Allergen advice

           “Over the fes ive period, your processes are tested to   ●   Allowing customers to serve themselves to buŽfet
           the limit, but they should be robust enough to stand up   breakfast items with no controls on utensils
           to the most hec ic of trading sessions,” insists Malcolm   ●   Using self-serve ice cream scoops without protecion
           Muir, Director of Consultancy, Venners. He highlights   against cross-contaminaion
           the following as poten ial danger areas in the mine ield   ●   DiŽferent staŽf taking an order and waiing on the
           that is allergen safety:                              table without clear ideniŽicaion of any allergen
           ●   Cross-contaminaion from busy chefs sharing       informaion supplied
              chopping boards and utensils                    ●   Key staŽf being excluded from allergen training, such
           ●   Nuts stored correctly in containers, but then put on a   as night staŽf or recepionists who take hotel room
              shelf above a general food preparaion area        service orders.
           ●   Oil Žiltered from fryers with oil Žiltraion systems to
              save money but then mixing the gluten free fryer
              with the others and Žiltering the amalgamated - and
              contaminated - oil back to all the fryers
           ●   Not amending the allergen informaion when a dish is
           ●   Acceping a replacement product in the food delivery
              without checking if it has the same ingredients as the
              usual product

                                                              “Where allergens are concerned, 100% is the only
                                                              acceptable audit score but we haven’t been able to
                                                              award this to any site that we’ve audited,” con inues
                                                              Muir. “In fact, the average score is 73.6% which shows
                                                              just how much work the industry must s ill do.”
                                                                 For further informaion, and to book an independent
                                                              audit, click here.

           Venners is a leading supplier of stock control, audi‚ing and advisory solu‚ions to the hospitality industry.
           Venners Compliance is a Venners Ltd brand, dedicated to providing comprehensive compliance audi‚ing solu‚ions
           to hospitality operators across the UK. The company provides audits, training and so‡tware solu‚ions to hotels,
           restaurants, bars, clubs, cafés, pubs, stadiums, care homes and catering businesses, helping them achieve and
           maintain peak opera‚ional, ‡inancial and legisla‚ive compliance for a safer, lower-risk business.

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