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Essentially Catering Magazine - November 2019

        Industry News

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        England triumphs

        at Porridge


        Competitors from England won both the coveted World
        Porridge Making Champion title and Speciality Porridge
        Champion title at the recent World Porridge Making
        Championships in the Highland village of Carrbridge.
          Lisa Williams, who runs a social enterprise and a
        community café for adults with learning disabilities in
        Trimley St Mary, Suffolk, was crowned World Porridge
        Making Champion, and Rude Health founder, Nick Barnard
        from London took the Speciality title.                   The Speciality winner - Maple Pecan Porridge - included
          The World Porridge Making Champion title is awarded   Rude Health oatmeal, pecans from Roux Farm in South
        to the contestant deemed to have made the best traditional   Africa and Guernsey Cream from Hurdlebrook Farm in
        porridge using just three ingredients: oatmeal, water and   Somerset.
        salt. Lisa’s winning recipe was made with half Hamlyns   The competition attracted competitors from 11 countries
        Scottish Oatmeal and half Hamlyns Pinhead Oatmeal, along   including Sweden, Canada, Germany, France and Poland.
        with Maldon Sea Salt.                                 Click here for full details of the event.

                                                     Opportunity for operators

                                                      Recent Kantar research commissioned by Veganuary
                                                      showed that 1.3m people gave up animal products in
                                                      the UK in Jan 2019 - of that 366,000 did so specifically
                                                      because of Veganuary.
                                                        “We started the Veganuary campaign to help inspire,
                                                      educate and support meat-eaters, pescatarians,
                                                      flexitarians and vegetarians to change their habits and
                                                      behaviours for one month,” said a spokesperson. “We
                                                      know that regardless of whether Veganuary participants
                                                      stay vegan full-time after the pledge, those who have
                                                      taken part consciously choose more plant-based options.”
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