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Essentially Catering Magazine - November 2019

        Industry News

          Guidance for under-age gambling

                                                             The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and
                                                             UKHospitality (UKH) have joined forces to unveil
                                                             guidance for tackling under-age gambling in pubs.
                                                               The two trade bodies have united to work with
                                                             their members and produce an updated Social
                                                             Responsibility Charter for Gaming Machines in
                                                             Pubs. The Charter incorporates a Code of Practice
                                                             aimed at promoting collaboration and training to
                                                             prevent under-age gambling.
                                                               “Gaming machines are a vital revenue stream
                                                             in pubs and many customers enjoy gambling
                                                             responsibly when they go to the pub,” said
                                                             UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls. “There
                                                             can be no room for under-age gambling, though, and
                                                             we need to ensure that standards on this issue are as
                                                             high as they are in every other aspect of pubs.”

              The Code of Practice provides practical guidance on training to ensure that staff are best placed to
              tackle under-age gambling when it occurs within pubs.

        Naming names                                The most popular pub, café and takeaway names have been revealed,

                                                    according to recent research by business loan lender Esme Loans. In
                                                    order of popularity, here are the top five for each category:
                          1.                                1.                                1.

             2.  The Red Lion                  2.  The Coffee House             2.  The Red Lion
             3.  The Black Horse               3.  Central Café                 3.  The Black Horse
             4.  The Plough Inn                4.  Café Express                 4.  The Plough Inn
             5.  The White Hart                5.  Love Coffee                  5.  The White Hart

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