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Essentially Catering Magazine - November 2019

        Industry News

        Did you                                                 Pub wins national

                                                                Slow Food Award


        Two nice stats courtesy of
        MCA Insight.

        Foodservice delivery continues to grow, with the MCA
        Foodservice Delivery Market Report 2018 forecasting
        a compound annual growth rate of  6.8% per year
        between 2018 and 2021.
           “There is no doubt that the opportunity that foodservice
        14%                              of UK adults           A year after winning Visit England’s Best Tourism
        delivery offers operators is huge, but they cannot afford to
        take their eyes off bricks and mortar,” said MCA. “

                                         say they order
                                                                Pub 2018 The Riverside Inn at Aymestrey, near
                                                                Ludlow has won the Slow Food award for the Best
                                         delivery at least
                                                                Restaurant/Food Eatery in the UK.
        22%                              of UK adults           who is deeply committed to the ethos of sustainable,
                                         once a week
                                                                  The Riverside Inn is run by chef/patron, Andy Link,
                                                                locally sourced produce, and is a champion of many
                                         say they never
                                                                ‘forgotten foods’ that have particularly tasty flavours.
                                         order takeaway

           This does not necessarily mean they eat out regularly,
        but it does identify a large group that aren’t engaged with
        foodservice delivery.”

        The food to go sector has continued to outperform the
        wider eating out market, with total visits up 6.4% year-
        on-year to 4.4 billion, according to MCA’s Food to Go
        Tracker Q2 2019
          Food to go meal visits now account for more than a third   “I believe passionately that real food using
        of all out of home meal visits,                             high-quality products from local producers
                                                                    needs the utmost support,” says Andy. “We
        up         10.3%                                            have lost too many flavours due to high yield
                                                                    taking precedence over taste and texture.
                                                                    This award was supported by a public vote,
                                                                    and it’s very encouraging to know that so
        with average spend growing faster than the total eating     many people value our work in the kitchen to
        out market. Standout performers in the sector include the   produce outstanding food, crafted with care
        coffee shop/café channel, which has increased its share of   and passion.”
        visits across all day-parts.
                                                                Andy Link, chef/patron at The Riverside Inn, Aymestrey, Herefordshire

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