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Essentially Catering Magazine - October 2019

        Industry News

        Beer still drinkers’ top choice both

        sides of the pond, but habits are changing

        Despite a general decline in consumption, beer is still the most popular
        alcoholic drink in the on-trade, accounting for 48% of drinks sold in GB and
        44% of drinks sold in America, according to out-of-home experts CGA and its
        U.S.-based consultancy, Nielsen CGA.
          While cask ale sales have dropped 9.8% in GB over the past year and 9.3% in
        America, sales of imported beers, world beers, super premium lagers and craft
        beer continue to rise in both GB and the U.S., led in part by consumer demand for
        premium drinks.
          Over the past two years, value sales of craft beer in GB have risen 21.7%, while
        world lager sales are up 26.5%. Similar rises have been seen in the U.S., with sales of
        craft beers up 4.5% and imported beers up 9.4%.
          “Rather than buying high volumes of cheap beer, consumers both here and in the
        U.S. are opting for lower volumes of higher quality beer,” commented CGA drinks
        expert, Mark Jackson.
          Beer drinkers across both markets have an older profile (ages 35-55+), with
        younger drinkers (18/21-34-year olds) the least engaged consumers of beer and
        showing the most dramatic decline in beer consumption since 2017. In GB, younger
        consumers prefer to drink lager (23%) and craft beer (14%), while in America, they
        choose craft beer (51%), domestic non-craft (51%) and imported beer (47%).

                                   Connectivity ‘not spots’

                                   ruin OOH experiences

                                   Independent network benchmarking firm Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) has released
                                   the findings of its latest network-testing programme assessing mobile connectivity in
                                   restaurants. The study reveals that several hotspots are among the worst for mobile
                                     Without naming and shaming restaurants here that fail to provide acceptable connectivity,
                                   the study also reveals just how important connectivity is for consumers when eating and
                                   drinking out of home (OOH).
                                   ●   One in ten (11%) Brits say their experience in a restaurant has been ruined due to poor mobile
                                   ●  Majority feel they cannot rely on WiFi coverage when they dine out
                                   ●   More than a quarter (26%) browse the internet while at the dinner table - with 23%
                                      specifically indicating social feeds, such as Instagram and Facebook, as part of their
          Social dining continues     browsing habits
           to be a massive online   ●   Over a fifth (23%) say that they have been forced to go outside of a restaurant to use their
          trend, with hashtags like   phone because of a lack of reliable mobile coverage.
          #foodie and #foodporn    Dr Paul Carter, CEO of GWS commented: “Our survey shows that people actively use their
           amassing hundreds of    phone when dining out, so if the network is slow and unreliable, and WiFi is intermittent (or not
            millions of posts on   working at all) then that doesn’t bode well for establishments that are trying to make a name for
             Instagram alone.
                                   themselves - or, for that matter, any restaurant that wants a thriving repeat business.”

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