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Essentially Catering Magazine - September 2019

        Industry News

           Encouraging game

           Game, despite being nutritious, sustainable and
           versatile, is frequently overlooked, but that’s a
           mistake, says The British Game Alliance (BGA) that
           was launched in 2018 to act as official marketing
           board for the UK game industry.
             Matt Tough, Commercial Director, BGA, explained:
           “The BGA was set up 18 months ago to bring game into
           the 21st Century after long being an undervalued and
           underutilised source of protein.
             “In spite of this, the game meat industry has actually
           been growing over recent years, thanks in no small part
           to a number of largely consumer-focused campaigns,
           including Taste of Game, which is supported by the
           British Association for Shooting and Conservation, and
           Game to Eat, a campaign by the Countryside Alliance.
             “In 2016 the market for game meat was £100 million.
           Now, this new initiative seeks to support the growth,
           with strong focus on the sustainability, provenance and
           traceability of game.”

                                                                Grouse, pheasant and partridge all contain
                                                                more protein per 100g than chicken, and
                                                                less fat and cholesterol

                                                              New assurance scheme

                                                              In addition to exploring new markets at home and
                                                              abroad, the BGA has launched an assurance scheme.
                                                              The voluntary scheme, which is open to game shooting
                                                              estates and processors, sets out a range of standards
                                                              around environmental management, animal health and
                                                              welfare, safe food handling and hygiene standards, record
                                                              keeping and traceability.
                                                              Tasty and sustainable

                                                              “As well as imparting a richness of flavour, the animals’
                                                              wild lifestyles also make game a very sustainable
                                                              product, arguably far more so than most intensively
                                                              reared meat, with a low carbon footprint and minimal
                                                              environmental impact,” added Tough. “For chefs and
             Certain varieties of venison - a great lean      caterers, there are both strong and delicate flavours to
             alternative to beef - along with rabbit and      play with, offering versatility, as well as adding a touch of
             pigeon, are available all year round             the wild and old-world glamour to dishes.”
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