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Essentially Catering Magazine - September 2019

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        A grand plan to

        be greener

        Yorkshire’s only five-star hotel has pledged to eliminate
        single use plastic by 31 December 2019. Moreover, The
        Grand, York, has informed all its suppliers that if they can
        not find an alternative form of packaging in time, then the
        hotel will have no choice but to shop elsewhere.
          The plan is the brainchild of the luxury hotel’s Junior
        Board, which is made up of junior members of staff
        and has the backing of senior management. The team
        identified where and when single use plastic is used in each
        department, from the kitchens, to the 207 bedrooms, the   4 x 3.78L   6 x 148ml          8 x 226g
        Spa and even the marketing departments and offices.       611207       611231             234103
          The team then invited suppliers of everything from fresh
        fish to toiletries, to a sustainability summit at the hotel
        recently to look at what can be done to eliminate single
        use plastic.
          So far, proposed plans for change include delivering
        fruit and vegetables in cardboard punnets, rather than
        plastic packaging and refilling bedroom toiletries, while the
        company that launders towels and bedlinen has agreed to
        remove the single use plastic used to protect them.
          The ban on single use plastic is just one element of a
        wider The Grand Goes Green initiative, which the junior
        board is rolling out across the hotel in stages.
                                                                      4 x 3.78L                 4 x 2.97kg
                                                                       611342                    611331

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