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Essentially Catering Magazine - August 2019

        Industry News

           BB Foodservice launches

           premium chip range

                                                                           The new
                                                                           range includes:
                                                                           ●  Supercrunch Straight Cut
                                                                               Super crispy thin cut fries
           BB Foodservice - the delivered foodservice arm of Bestway Wholesale,   ●   Supercrunch Chunky
           the UK’s largest independent wholesaler - has launched a new range of   A take on the classic chunky chip,
           premium, gluten-free Supercrunch Chips                              triple-cooked to give a crisp yet
             The Supercrunch Chips range is a premium extension to the company’s   fluffy texture
           standard offering of Essentially Catering Chips. The potato starch coating,   ●   Supercrunch Skin-on
           rather than wheatflour used in many chips, not only means Supercrunch   Thin-cut chips with the skin left on
           Chips are 100% gluten free but also hold the heat and stay crispy for longer.   for that rustic feel.
           What’s more, the chips cook in just four minutes.               The new range can be ordered
             Steve Carter, Director of Trading for Bestway Wholesale fresh, frozen
           and catering, said: “Customers expect quality chips wherever they are,   for delivery online via
                                                                  or the
           whatever they’re paying. We believe we’ve created an accessible option for   BB foodservice app. It is also available
           quick service caterers - that rivals major brands on both quality and price   in all Bestway and Batleys depots or
           point - enabling operators to trade up and offer a more premium product   by phoning the Contact Centre on
           with excellent margin potential alongside improved quality      01738 646666.
           and taste.”

        Joint effort to accelerate coffee

        cup recycling

        Recycling company, First Mile, has announced a new partnership with
        sustainable food packaging specialist, Huhtamaki, in a collaboration
        that aims to further increase the number of disposable coffee cups
        effectively recycled in the UK.
          The partnership will see First Mile collecting used disposable cups from
        some of Huhtamaki’s customers throughout London and Birmingham
        from a variety of different coffee chains, restaurants, bars and other
        business premises. Huhtamaki manufactures recyclable and compostable
        paper cups, both of which can be handled by this new service.

          Paper cup recycling rates have increased from an estimated 1 in every 400 to 1 in every 25 in just two years
          Source: The Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group

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