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Essentially Catering Magazine - July 2019

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        Reducing food waste

        with CESA

        The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) has released a guide about
        how to reduce food waste. Aimed at foodservice operators, distributors and
        consultants, it contains a comprehensive summary of the legislation surrounding
        this vital area. It also details the best ways for operators in all sectors to comply with
        requirements, and shows steps they can take to improve overall efficiency.
          Many businesses are not aware of the true costs of food waste, from the cost of uneaten food to those incurred by its
        collection and disposal. The guide covers every step of the food’s life cycle within a modern catering environment and
        offers advice on how to optimise the process in order to reduce waste as much as possible, from menu design, storage and
        preparation to portioning, and how to handle unpreventable waste.
          The guide also includes information about best practice for site evaluations, as well as advice on available equipment
        solutions, the importance of correct installation and maintenance of new equipment, and how to ensure your staff are fully
        trained in any new procedures these initiatives require.
          To download the guide, click here

          Ban on single-use cups one year on

          A year ago, Bristol-based café group - Boston Tea Party
          (BTP) - made the game-changing decision to remove 100% of   In 2018 alone, the
          single-use cups from their 21 cafés because, in the words of   UK sent almost 3
          founder Sam Roberts: “it was the right thing to do.” At the   billion single-use
          time, Sam’s bold initiative brought widespread predictions of   cups to landfill
          doom and gloom for his business, particularly from the media.
            “While it is true that the journey has not been an easy one for
          BTP – we suffered a top line drop of over 25% in takeaway coffee
          sales – it is important to underscore the exciting and encouraging
          outcomes from this initiative,” insists the unrepentant Roberts.
            “We would like to draw the following facts to the attention of the
          naysayers,” adds David McLagan, Founder of Ecoffee Cup, BTP’s
          exclusive re-usable cup partner.
          ●    Since it introduced the ban, BTP has stopped over 150,000
             single-use takeaway cups from entering local waste
             management streams and ultimately, due to their non-
             recyclable nature, landfill
          ●   Since the ban was introduced, staff turnover is 32% better than
            ever before. Removing single-use cups has obviously struck a
            chord with staff – and, at least in part, was responsible for BTP
            being voted Britain’s most ethical café in 2019
          ●   The cited dip of 25% in coffee sales, relates to takeaway
            coffee only, so really only represents a 7.5% drop of overall
            coffee sales.
          Roberts concludes: “Looking forward, I firmly believe that any drop
          in revenue for BTP will be short-term; a statistical blip soon to be
          eclipsed by a shift in consumer attitudes.”

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