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Essen ially Catering Magazine - June 2019

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        Issued by KAM Media - a crea ive agency delivering
        hospitality and grocery retail consumer insight,
        trends and content crea ion - the Ontrade Outlook
        2019 report comprises much pub-related data
        including the following:
        ●   The average distance someone in the UK lives from
           a pub/bar is 0.86 miles. The average distance they
           travel to their ‘local’, however is 2.12 miles. If a pub’s
           o„fer is not mee…ing customers’ demands, people are happy to go further to get the right experience
        ●   When visi…ing a pub or bar, 57% of consumers say it’s important for them to be able to customise their food orders; 43%
           say it’s important to be able to customise drink orders
        ●   Consumers are drinking less but spending more when they do - the main reasons given for this are: ‘to make having a
           drink more of a treat’ (34%), ‘to reduce my alcohol intake’ (34%) and ‘I’d rather have a premium drink and can’t a„ford to
           have that all the …ime’ (29%)
        ●   71% of publicans have seen an increase in purchases of premium drinks in their establishments over the last 12 months
        ●   A consumer will happily spend more on a product if they believe the en…ire value-for-money proposi…ion is good i.e.
           atmosphere, speed of service, perfect serve, knowledgeable bar sta„f. Price is just one of the variables
        ●   84% of pub customers want to see events and ac…ivi…ies in their local
        ●   94% of those ques…ioned believe that visi…ing a pub/bar to socialise with friends is good for their mental health.
        ●   88% of publicans believe their pub is a central part of the local community.
        Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director, KAM Media said: “We see challenges and opportuni…ies for the pub and bar
        sector in this report, which highlights the importance both of knowing your customers and taking some risks to ensure you
        stay one step ahead. We need to embrace the changes that the modern world presents and combine it with the tradi…ional
        values at the core of the pub and bar sector.”
                                                           Sun’s out, anyone

                                                           for cricket

                                                           Edible insects, in the form of crunchy crickets, were
                                                           launched last month [May] in all 23 Abokado stores across
                                                           London as part of the company’s new Spring menu.
                                                             The sweet chilli and lime crunchy roasted whole crickets
                                                           from Eat Grub are available as part of the brand’s customisable
                                                           range of toppings for customers purchasing salads, poke bowls
                                                           and hotpots. The insects are also available in grab packets.
                                                             Kara Alderin, managing director, Abokado said: “Quirky
                                                           maybe, but packed with „lavour and protein, these li…tle crickets
                                                           are the way forward in healthy, sustainable snacking. Don’t
                                                           forget that 15 years ago when Abokado was founded, sushi was
                                                           s…ill not a mainstream food in the UK. The same goes for kale,
                                                           quinoa and chia. In a few years insects will also be a normalised
                                                           food in our everyday diet.”

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