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Essen ially Catering Magazine - June 2019

        Dates for the diary

        JUNE                       10-14                      25                         3-5
        2                          BNF Healthy                Quality, Environmental,    College and University
                                   Ea ing Week
                                                                                         Business O‚‚icers’
                                                              Health and Safety Expo
        The Whisky Event           Organised by the Bri…ish   Arena MK, Milton Keynes    (CUBO), 2019 Summer
        Grosvenor House Hotel,     Nutri…ion Founda…ion          Innova…ive Partnerships -
        Park Lane, London          www.nutri                                 A Strategic Impera…ive     healthyliving/hew.htm
                                                              25                         Swansea University Bay
        3-9                        19-20                      The Supply Chain &
                                                              Logis ics Expo
        Cider Salon and Fringe     Lincolnshire Show          Arena MK, Milton Keynes
                                                              www.supplychainandlogis	ics
        Loca ions throughout       Lincolnshire Showground                   5-6
        Bristol                                                             Beer Central
                                   19-23                      25-26                      119 Digbeth, Birmingham
        4-5                        Taste of London            Food Tech Ma ters
                                   Regent’s Park, London
        Commercial Kitchen  The Crystal, London
        NEC Birmingham

        The London Produce
        Show and Conference                                    JULY
        Grosvenor House, London                           1-2
                                                              The Snack Show
        7                                                     Olympia, London
        Na ional Fish and
        Chip Day                                                                         7
                                   25                         1-2                        World Chocolate Day
                                                              Imbibe Live
                                   Universal Cookery and      Olympia, London
                                   Food Fes ival            12-14
                                   Organised by The Cra„t
                                   Guild of Chefs                                        Hyper Japan Fes ival
                                                                                         Olympia, London
                                   Farrington Oils,                            
                                   fes                                        31
                                                                                         Interna ional Cheese and
                                                                                         Dairy Awards
                                                                                         Nantwich, Cheshire
                                                                                         www.interna	ionalcheese
                                                              3-4                         AUGUST
                                                              UK AD and World Biogas
                                                              Expo                       26
                                                              NEC Birmingham             Bank Holiday

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