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Essen ially Catering Magazine - June 2019

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           Here comes the sun -

           are you ready

           For those operators that have an outside area available for customers,
           while the warmer weather creates an extra space for people to enjoy, it also   Jamie Woodhall
           increases your responsibility to ensure that every area of your establishment
           is  it for purpose. Jamie Woodhall, UK Technical & Innovaion Manager, Iniial Washroom Hygiene and Rentokil
           Specialist Hygiene advises establishments to take acion now by scheduling in a deep clean and promoing good
           hand hygiene pracices

           The use of outdoor areas tends to come in peaks and troughs – going from extremely busy during the
           tradi ionally warmer months of June-September, to quieter during the colder months. It is usually in winter
           where, without the same pressure to maintain a garden or outdoor area’s appearance, a space can become
           neglected un il the following season.
             Needless to say, your customers will not want to sit in an area that has been neglected for many months. If you have
           neither the …ime nor the workforce to spring clean your outside area, why not bring in a cleaning specialist to pressure
           wash your pa…io and ensure that everything is ready for summer?
           Lurking dirt

           As you open up your premises to more people, the amount of food prepared and cooked by kitchen sta„f is likely to
           increase. While the rou…ine cleaning of equipment and surfaces in the kitchen is vital, it will not su„„ice as a preventa…ive
           method against deposits of dirt, dust and grease in hard-to-reach areas, for example in ven…ila…ions ducts or underneath
           cooking appliances.
             To combat these hygiene ‘blind spots’, a thorough, deep clean should be carried out at least twice a year by a
           professional cleaning company that will have access to speci„ic equipment to safely carry out cleaning and disinfec…ion
           in the kitchen. Air monitoring in front-of-house areas will also ensure that any ven…ila…ion and condi…ioning units are
           hygienic. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s technicians, for example, measure and monitor the levels of dust in ven…ila…ion
           systems using an Elcometer 456, which indicates whether readings are at an unsafe level or not, as per TR19 guidelines.

           Don’t forget the washroom
           With more people visi…ing your establishment, there can
           be more opportuni…ies for the passing of bacteria and
           illnesses through shared touchpoints. On top of keeping the
           outdoor and kitchen areas immaculate, a cleaning regime
           in washrooms is vital. Especially when you consider a lot of
           harmful bacteria originates here, and that 80% of common
           infec…ions are transmissible by touch.
             You may want to consider bringing more elements of hand
           hygiene into your al fresco space, by installing hand sani…iser
           dispensers outside. Having these facili…ies in place will
           demonstrate a proac…ive approach to hand hygiene, which will
           not go unno…iced by your guests.
             Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialised deep cleaning, industrial cleaning
           and disinfec ion services.
             Iniial Hygiene is a global leader in hygiene services, providing innova ive and environmentally responsible
           washroom services solu ions to large and small organisa ions across a range of business sectors.

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