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Essen ially Catering Magazine - June 2019

        Industry News

          Eight in 10 chefs su‚fer from poor

          mental health reveals report

          Nestlé Professional’s CHEF brand has released a report that
          explores mental health in professional kitchens and what can be
          done to reduce stress.
            The report found that eight in 10 of those working in professional
          kitchens (81%) have experienced poor mental health during their
          careers. Furthermore, almost half (48%) believe that not enough
          is being done to support their mental wellbeing in the workplace
          where the top factors currently contribu…ing to stress are sta„f
          shortages (58%), lack of …ime (43%) and limited budgets (42%).
          The lack of daylight was also cited, with 41% saying it nega…ively
          impacted on their wellbeing.
            Also in the report, CHEF collaborates with Renée Clarke -
          workplace wellbeing expert from The Work Well Hub - to assess
          the situa…ion and what can be done to alleviate the issue. In
          addi…ion, there is commentary from industry experts including
          UKHospitality; mental health campaigns, Time to Change and Pilot
          Light; The Cra„t Guild of Chefs; Unite and „ine dining restaurant, Cin
          Cin - a prime example of a business priori…ising employee wellbeing
          and crea…ivity above all else.
            Click here to download a copy of the report - At Boiling Point:
          Addressing mental wellbeing in professional kitchens

        Successful recycling scheme

        sparks expansion                                                        During the six-month period, 65,000

                                                                               cans, 55,000 bo tles and 600,000 cups
        Leeds By Example, the UK’s biggest collabora ive drive to boost                  were recycled
        recycling of some of the most common food and drink packaging consumed
        on-the-go, has inspired ci ies in Scotland and Wales to launch their
        own campaigns.
          The scheme was launched to help address the UK’s very low on-the-go
        recycling rates. The six-month trial in Leeds has doubled the number of people
        recycling plas…ic, cans and co„fee cups. The model will be rolled out in Swansea
        and Edinburgh later this year, and will also con…inue for a further six months in
        Leeds city centre, environmental charity Hubbub announced recently.
          Launched in October 2018 by Hubbub and Ecosurety, Leeds By Example
        has brought together a unique combina…ion of 25 na…ional partners who
        are funding the scheme and 29 local partners including Leeds City Council.
        Together they have installed 124 eye-catching new recycling points in Leeds
        city centre, an area that had no on-the-go recycling facili…ies before the trial.
        As well as on-street bins, these include recycle reward machines, which o„fer
        money-o„f vouchers in return for recycling, and other recycling points in
        retailers and workplaces.

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