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Essen ially Catering Magazine - June 2019

        Industry News

        Hospitality gender

        pay gap shrinking

        Analysis by UKHospitality has highlighted that the sector
        con inues to take great strides to tackle gender pay inequality
        and promote inclusivity.
          Gender pay gap „igures released recently show that hospitality,
        out of 85 sectors, is the „i„th closest to parity, with a gap of just
        2.8%. Last year hospitality ranked 15th with a gap of 4%.
          UKHospitality Chief Execu…ive Kate Nicholls said: “The
        con…inued shrinking of the gender pay gap in the hospitality
        sector is incredibly posi…ive news. It highlights the forward-
        thinking and inclusive a……itude of our sector and the hard work
        employers have done to provide opportuni…ies, irrespec…ive of
        people’s gender. The „igures con„irm our message that, within
        hospitality, there are no barriers to progression.”
        UKHospitality is the new trade body represen ing the UK’s
        hospitality sector, established following a merger approved in
        February 2018 between the Associa ion of Licensed Mul iple
        Retailers (ALMR) and the Bri ish Hospitality Associa ion (BHA).

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