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Essentially Catering Magazine - May 2019

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        New app enhances

        revenue opportunities

        Tamu is the first UK dining app to incorporate the entire customer journey in one
        easy-to-use app, according to Atif Jibrael Fazil, CEO and co-founder of Tamu. Restaurants
        pay nothing in advance and a low commission fee is only taken from guaranteed bookings.
          “Tamu has been launched to revolutionise the dining experience and enhance revenue
        opportunities for restaurants,” explained Fazil. “It is the first dining app to incorporate the entire
        customer journey, from discovery to reservations and pre-ordering to payments. This includes
        event creation at the restaurant, group ordering with guests and splitting bills, all with low
        commission fees.
          “Tamu partner restaurants can turn over tables quickly in peak hours reducing total waiting
        times by up to 30 minutes per table, while offering customers a group booking facility. This
        ranges from individual bookings to groups of two upwards and opens up corporate, meeting,
        family and friendship bookings.
          “Tables are booked in advance and restaurants can start preparing food to be ready for their
        customer’s arrival. The order is already paid for so there are no lost revenues due to no-shows.”

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