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Essentially Catering Magazine - May 2019

        Industry News

        BII relaunches

        member magazine

        The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has relaunched        —
        BII News – the organisation’s quarterly publication for its     INSIDE
        members.                                                        FOR SPRING
                                                                        News, reviews,
          Mike Clist, CEO, BII said: “The whole team at the BII is      points-of-view
                                                                        & more
        committed to providing vital information to our busy members,
        and the BII News is one of the many ways we provide that        — READ  OUR...
        support.                                                        16 PAGES
                                                                        OF INTERVIEWS
          “Running a licensed trade business can be rewarding but       & VIEWPOINTS
        very challenging at times. Reading about other members who      Giving a voice
                                                                        to members
        have overcome similar obstacles while getting expert advice
        and inspiration from every area of our industry is a really
        positive way to keep our members up-to-date.”
          Email for access to the online version of      MEET
        the members-only publication.

        The BII is a membership organisation for individuals working                    OUR NEW CHAIR
        in the licensed retail sector, with over 8000 individual
        members running premises across the UK - predominantly                          WHY THE BII IS IMPORTANT TO HIM,
                                                                                        HIS BUSINESS & THE INDUSTRY
        tenanted, leased, managed and freehold pubs.                BII.ORG

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                                                        Podcast tackles

                                                        industry issues

                                                        A new bi-weekly podcast from the Premier Foods
                                                        Foodservice team will explore some of the foodservice
                                                        industry’s most pressing issues, from future trends to
                                                        mental health and women in the industry.
                                                          Sarah Robb, Premier Foods, explained: “The Foodservice
                                                        Podcast is all about celebrating the industry and the amazing
                                                        people within it. Premier Foods has a strong connection to
                                                        a range of different sectors within the foodservice industry,
                                                        whether that’s school catering, care catering or pubs. We
                                                        were keen to do something meaningful and useful for all our
                                                        customers. We have some fascinating guests lined up, who will
                                                        each be giving listeners a deeper understanding of a particular
                                                        aspect of foodservice. Every episode really is thought-provoking,
                                                        there’s something to learn whatever your role in the industry.
                                                          The Foodservice Podcast from Premier Foods is available on
                                                        iTunes, Spotify and other podcast providers.

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