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Essentially Catering Magazine - February 2019

        Industry News

        Waste Not,

        Want More

        Last month [January] D&D London launched Waste
        Not, Want More, a group-wide initiative to encourage a
        cleaner, stronger and healthier world in which to live.
          Working in collaboration with The Felix Project, the
        campaign aims to increase awareness on sustainability
        through a number of activations including London’s largest
        food waste artwork made from surplus food, doggie bags,
        waste set menus and a series of wellness classes, talks
        and workshops by well-known voices/renowned names.
        Supporting a move to reducing group excess, D&D will
        reinforce its ethos of serving locally sourced and sustainable
        meat and fish, as well as vegan and vegetarian menus.
        Surplus Set Menus
        Each D&D London restaurant will be introducing an upcycled
        dish to their menu made from scrap ingredients as part of
        D&D’s London’s Evening Standard campaign.             food a week and delivers enough food for over 7000 meals
        Doggie Bags                                           each day.
                                                                Each year the UK generates 1.9 million tonnes of food
        Bento-style boxes made from cardboard and fully recyclable   waste that could have been eaten, which is worth around
        will be on offer at all D&D venues to allow guests to take   £4.6bn. At the same time, 2 million people in the UK cannot
        home any food they can’t finish at the time to save on   afford to eat regularly, and in London 70,000 children go
        food scraps.                                          to school hungry each day. For every £1 donated, the Felix
        The Felix Project                                     Project saves £4 of food.
        The Felix Project collects surplus food from suppliers and   D&D London is a group of luxury restaurants, bars and
        delivers it free of charge to charities and schools that provide  hotels based principally in London, but also with venues in
        food to people in need. The Project saves over 20 tonnes of   Leeds, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

                                            Can cook, won’t cook

                                            Research released recently reveals we are a nation of armchair chefs,
                                            unwilling to put the proof in the pudding by entering the hospitality
                                            industry. The results from indicate that the increasing skills
                                            shortage in the hospitality industry may well be partially due to popular
                                            cooking shows such as MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off.
                                               63% of adults surveyed by hospitality job board say they
                                            wouldn’t consider a role in hospitality - and for almost half (46%), tuning
                                            into TV cookery shows is to blame. Not only are the shows putting people off
                                            considering a career in the sector, they also make one in five (19%) question
                                            their own culinary skills, feeling they are just not good enough and so wouldn’t
                                            even consider looking at roles that require them to turn their hand to it.
                                                Neil Pattison, from said: “The hyped-up tension and contestants
                                            beating the clock by seconds offers great TV, but it isn’t accurate at showcasing
                                            what a day-to-day role in a commercial kitchen is really like. It’s this intense
                                            pressure that is putting Brits off considering a role in hospitality.”

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