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Essentially Catering Magazine - February 2019

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          according to                                        FPI reveals

          workers on the                                      inflation’s ups

          shop floor                                          and downs

          Catering equipment retailer Nisbets has
          commissioned a survey of chefs, catering            Year-on-year (YOY) inflation in wholesale foodservice
          managers, business owners and kitchen staff to      prices climbed to 6% in November, the highest point of
          uncover the most fashionable ingredients and        2018, the latest edition of the Foodservice Price Index
          menu trends for 2019.                               (FPI) from CGA and Prestige Purchasing reveals.
                                                                The Index was pushed up by the Milk, Cheese and
          Results include the following:                      Eggs category, where YOY inflation sat at 13%. The highest
          ●   Diners are increasingly turning towards locally   numbers of November were within the Fish and Oils and
             sourced (27%), vegetarian and vegan (25%)        Fats categories, both of which saw prices hold relatively firm
             options as well as traditional home-cooked-style   in the second half of 2018. By contrast, the Sugar category
             menus (25%)                                      saw sharp movement in the opposite direction, with YOY
          ●  Single page menus are predicted to become trendy   deflation of 12%, mainly due to overproduction.
          ●   Responding to the growing demand for vegan
             and vegetarian, one in 10 named the jackfruit as   In the dairy sector, healthy grass growth has helped the
             a top ingredient. Other top choices were seaweed   UK’s milk production to remain relatively strong despite
             (5%), aquafaba (5%, chickpea water to be used for   harsh weather earlier in 2018. However, farmgate milk prices
             vegan foam), black fermented garlic (4.8%) and   have continued to increase, and there are some concerns for
             specialitysalts (4.6%)                           production over the coming months, with silage forecast to
          ●   55% promote the fact that they offer British    run short. Demand for eggs is expected to increase in the UK,
             produce on their menu, while 64% believe there is   following a revision of Food Standards Agency guidelines on
             a greater demand among consumersfor British-     the consumption of raw and runny eggs.
             made food and ingredients.                         In the Vegetables category, UK shortages of some items
                                                              have continued to push up prices, with potato shortages also
          When asked to provide further comments on           now having a knock-on effect on the prices of manufacturers
          the trends that they foresee becoming common        of crisp and chip products.
          throughout 2019, many chefs also predict that more
          consumers will choose to move                         Fiona Speakman, CGA Client Director - Food, said:
          away from alcoholic drinks,                         “As 2019 opens, the latest figures from the Foodservice
          burger pop-ups will become                          Price Index are a reminder that inflation will be a major
          more popular and rum will be                        challenge for the foodservice sector over the next 12 months.
          used more in food.                                  Indications of deflation in sugar-related categories are more
                                                              than offset by high inflation in key areas like fish, dairy,
                                                              oils and fats, and with more turbulence in supply on the
                                                              horizon, businesses will need to stay right on top of market
                                                              developments and trends.”
                                                                The Foodservice Price Index is jointly produced by
                                                              Prestige Purchasing and CGA, using foodservice data drawn
                                                              from 7.8m transactions per month.

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