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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2019

        Industry News

        OpenTable names top 100

        restaurants in the UK

        Online restaurant booking
        service, OpenTable, has released   London holds nine out of 10 spots in this year’s top 10
        its annual list of the top 100   Restaurant                      Restaurant Cuisine      Location
        restaurants in the UK, based on
        reviews left by verified diners.   CORE by Clare Smyth           British                 London
          This year’s number one spot is   The Ledbury                   Contemporary European   London
        taken by CORE by Clare Smyth,
        who was recently named the       Trinity                         European                London
        World’s Best Female Chef.
          Last year’s list saw European   Scott’s Restaurant             Seafood                 London
        cuisine dominating the top 100,   Launceston Place               Modern European         London
        but it seems in the past 12 months
        British diners have been craving   BEAST                         Steak                   London
        tastes and flavours found a little   La Trompette                Modern European         London
        closer to home. Representing
        22% of the list, British cuisine   Alyn Williams at The Westbury   Modern European       London
        has outperformed its nearest     The Oxford Blue                 Contemporary British    Windsor
        competitor, Modern European,
        by more than double, as well as   Medlar                         Modern European         London
        finding itself in pole position
        this year.                     The complete top 100 list can be seen here

        Tax burden weighs heavily

        on UK brewers, says BBPA

        The British Beer & Pub Association has welcomed new research that shows UK brewers are
        among the biggest and best in Europe. However, the tax burden they face compared to their
        European counterparts is holding them back, it argues.
          The new research, released by The Brewers of Europe, finds that the UK is one of the biggest
        producers of beer in Europe, brewing 4 billion litres of beer - equivalent to 10% of the total
        production in Europe. This figure places the UK behind only Germany, which produces 9.3 billion
        litres of beer.
          As well as being one of the leading brewing nations, UK drinkers also pay the most tax on their
        beer, stumping up almost 40% of all beer duty in Europe. The BBPA argues that this shows the
        growth potential the UK brewing sector has, and if taxation on beer in the UK was brought closer in
        line with that of Germany, it would see the sector grow even more. At present, beer duty in the UK on
        a pint of 5% ABV beer is 54 pence. In Germany, the duty on the same pint would be just five pence.
          The beer duty freezes put in place by the Chancellor in his two most recent Budgets help the
        UK’s brewing sector to grow and invest. While the UK may be the second largest beer producer, in
        terms of per capita consumption it is way down on the list, and its on-trade and off-trade split is still
        healthy. Without doubt the great British pub still has an important part to play in this. To build on the
        UK brewing sector’s leading position in Europe and catch up with Germany, as well as to help pubs,
        the BBPA continues to ask for a cut or freeze to beer duty.

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